I have never accused Sprint of reacting fast or being on the ball but it sure looks like to me that somebody was aware that there might be reception/signal issues with some Pre's before the thing was even released. Indeed, maybe getting ready for the issue was one of the reasons for the delay.

What we know:

Within a few days of release people were reporting weak and eratic signals in some locations where had no trouble before and also within that first week many people were getting free Airrave signal boosters which normally are $100 and free service which is normally $5/month.

From looking at the threads there are quiet a few of us that got free Airraves and that is just the ones that have reported it here. While there is clearly some discretion going on and not everybody gets the same results most who make the effort seem to be having no problem getting the booster.

Now this could NOT have been an item that they keep in large stock, I don't think most people had even heard of it until these issues cropped up. Also hard to believe that it would be this easy to get one for free without there having been a decision made at high levels to approve this.

My experiance was interesting, I never mentioned the Airrave or asked for retentions or started off saying I was going to cancel. Tech support told me about the Airrave and directed me to Customer Care. The woman at Customer Care was very nice, she noted that on several of my lines I could cancel without penalty then asked in a very leading way, "If your singal problems at home do not imporve would that make it more likely that you might at some point cancel or not renew one or more of your lines." I said sure that made it more likely which, at that point, she signs me up for the free Airrave. She was clearly working from the position of doing what she could to give the things away. Again not everybody has had the same experiance but enough have so that its clearly a policy.

Given how fast this policy was put in place and the fact that they apparantly have pleanty of these things to ship right away, I can't help but wonder if Sprint knew about the potential signal issues and were prepared for it prior to its release. Wonder if there is a wat to see if they ordered a bunch of Airraves from the OEM before launch.

Well better if no problems of course, but at least we have had a pretty fast response and one that maybe was ready to go even before launch