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    Anyone get better reception?
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    Quote Originally Posted by omgitsroy326 View Post
    Anyone get better reception?
    Not even slightly. My Mogul and my wifes old 8400 never had issues. We're dropping calls on our porch with our pres...
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    Quote Originally Posted by omgitsroy326 View Post
    Anyone get better reception?
    I have noticed much better signal strength in my office today. Not sure if it's attributable to the update but I love it. Solid strength with pandora for the first time!
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    There was no mention of better reception on the update and that is exactly what I've noticed with my phone NO GOOD RECEPTION STILL!!!!
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    I have not noticed a difference.
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    I have noticed a difference, however I'm sad to say that my reception is a worse now at my house and my dads phone keeps going into airplane mode over and over after the patch.
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    I've noticed that the signal bars seem to fluctuate a little slower (am I imagining?) but the signal strength does not seem to be any better. Fortunately, Sprint sent me a free Airwave which seems to help tremendously here at my home (office).
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    No in Minnesota
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    No fro me too.
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    No, neither of my two units got any better. My wife and I discussed it just tonight. We are going to give it right up until the 29th day before we take the phones back.

    If the reception gets better, we keep both units. If not, Iphones will be on their way.
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    Well I wouldn't say it got better. A lil steadier and I think Sprint is trying to help with the towers. I can be inside the apartment with 1-2 bars and still have a clear conversation. I am noticing better pickup when outside more 4-5 bars then 3-4.

    Hopefully both sprint and palm are working it out. Since it seems that the free airrave offer is gone. That might mean that they have a fix in the works to come out very soon.

    Before this weekend I was more like 60-40 to return. Now it's 60-40 to keep. Especially after I got a chance to play with the new GS and was underwhelmed.

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