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    I was wondering if anyone had been having texting issues since the latest update. My phone was very reliable after purchase (day one) when it came to texting, but now I seem to have messages fail to send and it also seems to be taking the Pre a lot longer to receive messages than it did. I did a test on this and it took about 10 minutes to receive a text that I had sent from a friend's phone. I know this could also be due to signal and such, but none of that has changed when it comes to areas I'm in or anything of that nature. Just wondering if there's a bug in the latest update. Thanks gang.
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    Must be a signal thing. I just sent a test message from one of my phones to the other, and it arrived within 10-20 seconds. About as fast as a sms sent from twitter.
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    I feel like I am having the same issue...I turned the phone off and back on and it seemed to fix the issue. Give that a shot and see how it works.
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    Haven't had any issues here. Regular txt's and pics all work fine.
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    my signal in general has tanked since the update
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    I've sent several texts and haven't noticed an issue.
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    I noticed from day one (June 6) that I was not receiving all of my incoming text messages - particularly emailed ( or web generated text messages. I finally got around to calling Sprint about this today. After the Sprint rep tried a few unsuccessful test messages to me, she "reset my text messaging database" - whatever that is. She asked me to then reboot the phone - and what do you know, it worked!!

    I'm now receiving my news alerts and emailed text messages.
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    Since the update, I am not able to send or recieve SMS messages with photo attachments.

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