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    I've noticed a few times that the browser doesn't give you confirmation pages - instead you get blank pages.

    1. When purchasing a membership online, my payment was accepted but all I got was a blank page.

    2. Updating info on facebook. I update my profile. The update is accepted but when I hit save changes all I get is a blank page.


    Edit: can't type as good as on my treo... But not bad.
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    I've found that sometimes a confirmation page, etc. will actually load, but will be scrolled all the way to the bottom. At first I didn't realize that the page loaded until I tried scrolling up.

    To replicate this, you can try Google Reader. When you "mark items as read", the browser will load the next page of items, but you have to scroll up to see that it actually loaded a page that contains anything.

    On a separate note, GMail does not work correctly through the web client (the mobile version). When you archive or delete an item, the browser does not actually remove the item from view until you manually reload the page. Cheesy. Fix it now, Palm! Or Google. I don't want a "not my problem, their problem" fight. I just want it corrected. Mmkay?

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