I like my phone so far and have no plans to return it. I just have some questions. I hear many people say they are getting much better battery life after having it for a while and updating 1.0.3. I got my phone on the first day available and have the latest update. I have wi-fi on and my screen resolution is low. I have GPS and Navigation off. I have Bluetooth off. I have done all the things people say to get better battery life. Here is my question. After working 8.5 hrs my battery is about 20% or maybe a little lower and that is going in at 100% all the time.

Everyone has their own thing on what they consider a lot of use. Let me know if you guys use this more than I do. I came from a Kitana II and I never worried about battery life. Obviously the Kitana didn't have as many features or the web browser so I can understand the Pre using more energy.

1. I text A LOT. Lets say on average within 8.5 hrs I could text at least 100 messages. Lets use that as the average.

2. I rarely talk during this time as well. Even though I can go weeks without making a call during work let just say 5 minutes of talk a day though.

3. As far as being on the internet, I go on there quite a bit, but not a whole lot. Let's say on average about 30 minutes.

After doing all that I am on life support after getting off work. Luckily I have a car charger so it's all good.

Do any of you guys use the phone as much as I do in that amount of time? This should give me a good gauge on what people say they use their phone a lot and still have their batter over 50%. If any of you guys actually do use this phone like I do and still get good battery life please let me know what you're doing.