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    Is it just my phone, i can NOT open web based or e-mailed PDF files, i get an error message, "Cannot find an applicaction which will open this file", yet there is a PDF reader in the applications list???
    As for MP3s, i can send them to the phone (email or web download) and stream them to listen to, but can NOT save them to listen to later or use as ringtones. I tried Myxer and MP3s are just streamed, but did not save?? HELP.
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    I can open pdfs and docs (either links or attachments) from email, but not from the browser.
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    I want to do this too. When i click a link in the browser that has a ringtone it only streams it but does not ask me to save it to my phone. How can I save the file to my phone and use it as a ringtone ?
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    i've been able to download attachments to my phone but i'm only able to open up the file from the email. for example, i emailed myself a pdf. file, clicked on the attachment and it downloaded it to my phone and i'm able to open the file from the email, but if i want to open the file directly rom the pdf. viewer i can't even find it. the only way im able to view the file is by going back into the email and clicking on the attachment.

    i don't know why because i was able to email myself a bunch of wallpapers and save them to the phone and open them up from the photo viewing application.

    i've had the same problem with ppt. files as well..... anyone else?

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