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    I called Sprint to try to get a discount on the Airave. Long story, but we don't get great signal in our house for some reason, and this was our only option. By the end of the call, the service rep informed me that if we had any other phone, he could probably get us a discount. But, because my wife and I had Pre's, he couldn't give me any discounts because of a corporate policy. Even though I was asking for a discount on the Airave, not the Pre, it didn't matter. Anyone get this too or find a rep who know how to get around it?
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    BS. I got a complementary air rave and I have a Pre. I have been with sprint for 8 years though.
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    yea I call BS, this rep didn't know what they were talking about
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    I think it's fair to say that with any company's customer service, mileage may vary. Some reps are outstanding, while some less so. My experience with Sprint customer service has never gotten worse than okay, and otherwise has been outstanding, which explains why I've been with them for over 10 years. Obviously, some folks have had other experiences, and that's what we tend to hear about on forums like this.
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    BS or vadnick is trolling.
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    call again and talk to someone else, that person was full of it
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    Yep, i got my free airave too. Just tell them you are considering leaving because you aren't getting a good signal in your home. I asked directly to speak with customer retentions too...
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    I got the Airave and didn't even ask for it. When I called customer service to add text to my wifes phone, they asked me if I was having any issues with my Pre. I mentioned my service was spotty in my house and they offered a free Airave.

    I agree with the BS tag to this thread. The Sprint rep is a moron, or the OP is making things up.
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    Hold on, everyone... I have been a Sprint customer for 11 years. And I have always supported them. They have always given me excellent customer service in the past, their signal in my area is great and their prices far beat the competition for everything you get.

    I spoke to 3 customer services reps... granted, the first 2 were just their first level reps. Yesterday, I spoke to one of their high-level reps. Unlike others, when you get on the phone with them, they start out saying something like "I will have your issues resolved in just one phone call." "Cool!"... I thought.

    The last guy was the one that told me about the Sprint policy. For those of you who have gotten the airave free... was it recently? If it was close to launch, they may not have really had many people enforcing it... maybe they got in trouble, and now they're being strict.

    Anyway... I mentioned that I followed the forums and have seen others able to get the Airave for free, and others getting their service discounted, but this guy said no go. He put me on hold for 2 minutes and supposedly talked to his supervisor, who also supposedly said the same thing.... If you bought a Pre, because of the high demand, Sprint and Palm allegedly have some sort of arrangement that no additional discounts can be given on those lines, regardless of what it's for. That's what I was told. No BS.

    It sounds like I should give them a call back and try to talk to someone else... But we'll see. They undoubtedly keep records of their calls, and the next guy will likely see what I was told the first time and just repeat the same lines. But who knows...
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    I think you just didn't get the right person. I talked to Sprint on Friday and mine is on the way right of charge and monthly fee. Call by pressing *2 talk on your Sprint phone, provided you have adequate signal, ha ha. I barely did when I called and the call was even dropped but the Sprint Rep called me right back and said she would send one out right away! Anyway, enter the promt on the recorded message for changing or cancelling your service. That will get you to the level of Rep that can help. Just explain that you are having problems getting a strong enough signal in your home. Good Luck!
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    I had a similar line of potential BS said to me over the weekend. I called CS to see about getting my upgrade date moved to June so I could grab a Pre this weekend. The first basic CS rep couldn't help me and transfered me to the department that could. i asked him about moving the date into June since it was only a couple of weeks so i could grab a Pre. He told me "I can't do that at this time, but even if I could if the date was changed and you were to buy a Pre I would lose my job. If any reps adjust upgrade dates and that customer buys a Pre the rep is going to be fired."

    I just said thanks anyway and hung up. I really don't think that's a company policy to fire your employees for that.
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    Called on thursday and complained of the service in my house. I got a free one and all fees covered. It is arriving today.
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    Yeah...I had no problem once I got to retentions..... I was asked "So this issue is one that will cause you to cancel your service", I said "yes" and he responded with a spiel on this nifty device called an airrave. I had it two days later, which was last Wednesday. No charges at all. I have been with Sprint since 1997 or 1998 however.

    Its nice having signal in my apartment again...and far better than we ever got it before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vadnick View Post
    Sprint and Palm allegedly have some sort of arrangement that no additional discounts can be given on those lines, regardless of what it's for. That's what I was told. No BS.

    What the hell does Palm care if Sprint is giving you another discount on their products, Palm is not going to get a piece of that?? Sounds like 2xBS to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twizardt View Post

    What the hell does Palm care if Sprint is giving you another discount on their products, Palm is not going to get a piece of that?? Sounds like 2xBS to me.
    It didn't seem so far-fetched to me. Apple imposes restrictions AT&T. RIM imposes restrictions on Blackberry carriers. Why not Palm too, if they're trying to play with the big boys?
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    I'm happy again.

    Thanks to all who posted. I just called Sprint and went straight to the option to disconnect my service. The guy I talked to got me the Airave and the monthly fee for free.

    Here's what he had to do... First, he explained that because I get a discount through my company, that usually poses a problem for getting other discounts. He said that the highest discounts typically override smaller discounts in the system, so the $5 I'd save on monthly Airave service would be trumped by the higher corporate discount that I get. But, he put it in the system and was "surprised" to see that it went through without error. He said that he knows that a couple weeks ago, there was a promotion to get the Airave plan for no charge each month, which may have allowed others to get through without a hitch. But, anyway... it went through, so we'll see on my next bill if it really worked.

    Second, he sent me the Airave for free. But with both the plan and the Airave unit, he said that he had to apply those credits to the account without entering in a specific phone number. He said that once he enters the phone number, it sees that we own a Pre and it rejects the discount. So, he had to get an override from someone above him to allow him to add the Airave and Airave plan discount on the account rather than on the phone.

    So, it appears there really are limitations based on the Pre. But, I'm glad you guys encouraged me to call back one more time, because that did the trick. Thanks again! I hope this can help others!
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    I thought most people were initially saying that the signal on the Pre was superior to that of any past Treo's ? I have a 755P which I love and hate and I stood in line for 4 hrs on launch day and did not get one. I would love to get a Pre, but honestly, seeing all of these problems with the reception and of course the battery, make me even more inclined to just hang on to my 755P. What is the point of an Airrave if the overall signal on the phone apparently is not that strong. What about when you are out and about, possibly in a tall building or elevator? Doesn't seem the Airrave is going to do much there Also, the lack of forced roaming is another kicker for me wanting to wait for version 2. I have been through too much with palm and Sprint over 11 yrs and I still can't believe the things that are missing on the Pre or at least sub-par. OY !
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    my signal is much better on my pre then on my 700p BUT with that being said, I had to get an airave in my apt as well, but at least i dont drop calls on the pre in low signal areas like i did ALL the time on the 700p. the pre does have ALOT better recetion then the old treos, but its still not the greatest inside some buildings (b/c of the feq that sprint transmits on does not get into some buildings as well as other carriers)

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