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    I have a lot of WMA files, so I was excited to discover that after doing the 1.0.3 upgrade and fixing my Classic installation, sound was enabled on my Classic installation. Now I have been able to run Pockettunes in Classic, and thereby play my WMA files.

    Of course, Classic and Classic sound support is not quite fully baked yet, so there is some funny behavior. For instance, last night I was playing some songs, and then decided to stop playing songs. Well, ptunes in Classic would not respond to pressing pause. There was nothing I could do in the program to get it to stop.

    So I thought, all right, I'll just close Classic. So I press the button, and flip Classic up out of the way. I thought it was pretty funny when after disappearing for a second, it bounced right back on to my screen. The music never stopped playing.

    After playing with this several times, but being completely unable to close pocket-tunes - or the other app I had open, I thought, fine, I'll do a reset.

    No dice. It won't let me go past the first page of my applications to get to the device info app. (I couldn't remember the manual reset).

    So finally I pull out the battery, and all is well (I guess).

    This morning I listen to some music again. After a while, I notice the music skipping a bit, and I look at the Pre to see what's going on. Lo and behold, it is resetting. The music is still playing, but the device is clearly on the rebooting screen with the glowing palm logo, etc.

    After a couple of minutes, it finishes rebooting - with the music still playing, and having played (with nary a skip) the whole time. No app is open, but the music is still playing.

    Finally I open Classic, and it stops.

    I've never had a computer that can keep a program running through a reboot sequence.
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    The glowing Palm logo is not displayed for just rebooting, I've seen it when coming off of USB drive mode, although, only for a second or two.
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