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    I heard there were some battery defects in the launch... I could be wrong though.
    However, I read on wikipedia that for this kind of battery it is good to let it fall down to 0% and charge it back to 100% once a month.

    Lithium-ion battery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Go down to:

    "Guidelines for prolonging Li-ion battery life"

    Like many rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion batteries should be charged early and often. However, if they are not used for a long time, they should be brought to a charge level of around 40%–60%

    Lithium-ion batteries should not be frequently fully discharged and recharged ("deep-cycled"), but this may be necessary after about every 30th recharge to recalibrate any electronic charge monitor (e.g. a battery meter). This allows the monitoring electronics to more accurately estimate battery charge.[27] This has nothing to do with the memory effect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankees368 View Post
    Ok, your argument is stated clearly, but is flawed.

    I had an HTC Mogul, and Touch Pro. I can easily say that running the internet for 5 minutes did not ding 7% off of my battery. I could use the TP for the entire day, fairly heavily the entire day, and usually end my day at around 30-40%. The pre has issues just making it through the day, none the less having battery to spare.

    btw, I always carried a replacement battery for my TP on my, but only needed it once.
    Was this on a stock ROM and with Sprint? I had a TP until about 5 days ago and my Pre's battery life is as good or better than the TP. My gf, who now has the TP, has had a hard time getting used to the crappy battery life coming from a BB Curve. There's no way in hell she can get through a whole day of heavy use with the TP. Even with moderate use, she's lucky to get through the day without having to charge it.

    With the Pre, the battery life has gotten progressively better as I've used the phone and applied some of the tips posted here. The update appears to have helped some too.
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    Is using evdo better at saving battery life then wifi?
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    Quote Originally Posted by d0llarm3nu View Post
    Is using evdo better at saving battery life then wifi?
    I think the consensus is the opposite. If you're in a place where you can get wifi, it's better on battery life than accessing Sprint's EVDO. Of course, if you're somewhere where there is no wifi, it's probably better to turn it off.
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    I used the stock ROM on the TP. Though now, my problem is solved. I went to my local Sprint store, and they gave me a spare battery.
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    I leave my Pre in Sprint-only mode (Phone -> Preferences), unless there's no signal. Seems to help.
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