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    I went to the beach this weekend and I had 4 bars driving into the beach but then 500 yards later, I was at 1 bar and an 'R' was on my screen (I'm assuming it meant restrictive or something along those lines) and I was unable to browse the web or anything.

    So no biggie, I put the phone in my bag and enjoy the beach for 4 hours. Now usually, I come back to my phone after 4 hours of non-use and I will still have 95% battery left, so I was shocked when I saw 18%!! I quickly put it in airplane mode to save whatever is left for the long car ride home.

    I heard of batteries draining faster with a low signal, but I never thought it would be this severe. What is the exact reason this happens?
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    If you weren't getting data then data roaming is disabled. Go to Phone -> Preferences and enable Data Roaming.

    R = Roaming. Yes low signal kills ALL phones. Why? When the signal is weak, the cell phone puts relatively more juice to the antenna to try and improve/maintain reception. This obviously kills the battery. When the signal is strong, the power to the antenna is reduced since it doesn't need much to maintain the signal.

    This is not specific to the Pre..happens with every phone I've had including iPhone. If you know you're going to be in a low signal area just put it in airplane mode during that time now.

    Also I'm thinking since you had data roaming off, your email/apps on Pre may have continuously been trying to update but not having any access to data.
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    My Treo didn't get warm and race through battery power in a low-signal area. I think the Pre goes into overdrive trying desperately to connect when the signal is low, when it ought to recognize the low signal (it can report it, after all) and scale back or something. My guess is this will be fixed (improved) in a few more months.
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    My 755 would always get a little warm when I was in a low signal area. If I was in a roaming area for more then a couple minutes I would just shut my phone down to conserve the battery.
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    easy fix turn of roaming to sprint only unless you really need it. when the phone switches to analog out in the sticks thats when it uses the most power. sprint only will also improve your reception in the city in buildings because it will force the phone to stay on sprints network and give you better overall call quailty and data speeds.
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    I guess if you're that concerned with battery life, you can always put the phone in airplane mode or turn it off until you need to check your messages/get into a coverage area.
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    Yeah the low signal is brutal on my battery in the bunker of an office building I work in. Thankfuly I can just plug into the USB port on the front of my computer or my phone would be toast (literally and figuratively this phone gets hot!) in about 3 hours.
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    I saw someone mention to turn on data roaming. How is this done? Also, how do I turn roaming off? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Every phone I have owned does this. Like people say, if you are out int he boonies or on the beach or someplace with less than stellar signal, just put it in airplane mode to save battery. I've been doing that ever since my old flip phone so it's nothing new.
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    At work I have almost no signal, and I lose about 15% an hour sitting idle. Pretty crazy.
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    I seem to be getting better battery life after the 1.03 update. But, yesterday, at my parent's house, in their basement, it kept switching between Roam and 1X, never getting more than 1 bar signal strength. It seemed that the battery was draining 2-3 times faster than when on EVDO.

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