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    Although it worked intermitently at first, the gps on my Pre seemed totally dead for at least a week - I'd get a vague position on google maps with a huge error circle. Sprint Nav would just report that it couldn't get GPS info.

    I treid right after installing the 1.0.3 update and (knock on wood) it's worked great now for 2 days straight. Could be a coincidence; I did have intermitent use before. Anyone else see a malfuntioning gps start working again?
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    No mine worked fine have used it every day since the update with no problems

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    I kept losing GPS signal yesterday when I tried it. I had full signal, evdo, and would say no gps signal available.
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    Would it turn off your gps when you tried using it sprint navigation?

    It did for me so I just did a reset and worked for me.

    Reset under device information and reset options
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    It was probably the reset that fixed it. My GPS stopped working last week, and after a reset it worked fine.

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