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    Ok so its 4:30 in the morning here where I am and well I cant sleep... I've wanted to post something for so long but was always to lazy, didn't care, or didn't want to get eaten alive for saying something wrong! so here's my first post and views/ ideas about the Pre....

    First off the Pre is an all-around amazing phone! I've had one minor problem with the text messages erasing but found a quick solution to the problem. The web OS is way beyond all others. the screen looks amazing and the touch responsiveness surpasses that of the iphone.

    I am a mac book pro owner as well as a video producer (so its much needed) I will say that I do like mac and their computers are unrivaled however, the pre is just as satisfying to me as my mac! When I called palm about my texting issue it occurred to me the things that mac (and now palm) do right is that their products actually do what they say they are supposed to do! and for that who can be mad? If you got the phone and it doesn't do what you thought it does... than take it back. how often do companies promise such an amazing product that just completely flops (i.e Vista, Samsung instinct). Its amazing to see much advertising goes into crapy products to build the hype up but the pre didn't need that. It just got the job done simply by its fulfilled promises. How many times do we see people gripe and wine about how it doesn't do this and that and how they are leaving for the iphone? (too many is the answer!) and its funny because its kinda become a copy and paste response to every post like that... (somewhere along the lines of "see you soon, enjoy att, no one really cares") the truth is the iphone has 2 years on every phone out there... but the pre didn't need 2 years to catch up (and in some aspects) BEAT OUT the iphone. The reality AND potential (whether rumored or factual) upgrades and features for the pre will end all "fanboy" and "pre-haters" arguments. So yes while I love Mac as a computer company and yes they have paved the way for smart phones, the Pre has made its mark and will continue to (in my mind) pave a different and [B]better[B]... yes I said better direction for smart phones.

    I know my writing is different and with it being 4:30 in the morning i have alot of thoughts in my head (hints the brackets) but hopefully you can follow and will agree/disagree to what I'm saying... I'm open to all criticism and instruction being that it is my first post and all so please don't eat me alive!
    The Pre does WORK
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    i agree as well.

    TIP: break your gigantic paragraph into smaller thoughts.

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