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    When the battery charge is complete to 100% should the little lightning bolt disappear or does it remain on?

    I checked the user manual and the icons that are there indicate the charge is complete when you see a full green battery indicator with no lightning bolt. However, with my phone the lightning bolt never disappears even if I leave the phone charging all night.

    Just wondering, no biggie

    Thanks in advance!
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    If I recall correctly, I think my lightning bolt stays on the entire time.
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    Mine too, I actually thought it was still charging the first time
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    i think it turns gray/silver when its full and gold when its charging (the lightning bolt)
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    I wish the centet button would light up during charging and go out when complete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mom2Ninjas View Post
    I wish the centet button would light up during charging and go out when complete.
    That's a cool idea.
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    lightning bolt changes color on mine...changes from yellow to white i believe
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    I think there is a need for some indicator to tell when phone is fully charged when it is on the touch tone charger.
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    Yeah, same here. It's not supposed to go away, I don't think
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    Lightning bolt us just an indicator that it's running from AC power, not the battery.

    As long as it's plugged in, it will show.
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    Well... I tested this behaviour... and the yellow/gold lightning bolt is always on when it's charging, regardless of USB, AC Adapter, or Touchstone. Now, when it reaches 100%, it changes from yellow/gold to gray/silver/white lightning bolt. I double-checked it in my Pre.
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    Anyone experience any issues where the lightning bolt stays on (yellow as if charging) even after unplugging from the USB? This little glitch is new and a bit troublesome
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    Actually, is there any apps that can indicate the battery is full? Thanks

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