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    Hi, I know alot of you, myself included, and some friends Pre's, have the light bleeing / discoloration problem on the bottom part of their screen. I've read from many of you who are on your 2nd or even 4th replacement and still having problems, which is not encouraging, and annoying too considering I can't even get one replacement as of yet. But i'd like to know, of how many of you have replaced your units, how many of you have gotten a bug free unit with good screen? So at least I can start getting an idea of how many good to bad units their are, and if it's still worth trying to replace my Pre I purchased on opening day.
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    Got my first Pre replacement today. My first unit logged me out of my Palm's profile and forced me to reset at least once a day. But this issue stopped sometime last week. In addition, my screen had lots of play/wiggle. I very happy with my replacement so far, solid slider, no resets, and bouncy keys. We'll see, since it's only been 4 hours. I'm expecting for the slider to become loose over time though. By the way, my first pre came in a black/white box and my replacement came with white/yellow box.
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    @ Ben7seven7:

    You know...I was about to start a thread asking the same thing: I got my Pre on June 6th; overall, I'm happy and the Pre is great, but, there's 2 dead pixels (you can't really see them, unless you scrutinize it), and the seam on the top left between the screen half and the back has a bigger gap (again not noticeable at first look), than the other 3 corners.

    I've heard of people saying something about the lockable spring action when opening the keyboard, well, I have it, and no problem whatsoever, and for those who must know; my Pre came in the Black box sleeve with 1.0.1, and the Warranty Date Code in the phone is 5/18/09, and according to some website about manufacture date for Palm's phones, mine is May 19th '09.

    So, base on that, I was thinking on exchanging my Pre for one with no gaps and no dead pixels, that's the reason I have not install my Best Skins on the phone, even though I got them about 4 days ago! But, at the same time, I would Hate to get another Pre that will be even worse than mine and than regret that I could've live happy as I am with my original Pre. You see; mine has no other problems at all, no battery problems, no crashing, no nothing else. Man am I in a predicament!!!
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    Got mine on the 6 June no issue yet, cross my fingers. I even installed and removed three screen protector before finally settling with the third one and no pixel issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by STARGATE View Post
    @ Ben7seven7:

    that's the reason I have not install my Best Skins on the phone, even though I got them about 4 days ago!
    I got my bodyguardz last Tuesday and haven't installed it either until I'm happy with the unit. I'm hoping this is the one.
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    How about the light discoloration on the screen? Is the brightness on your screen uniform throughout? Or do you have any light blotches?
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    Same thing here, my Pre works great, slider's great, only issue is with the light colored areas on the bottom of the screen which is more or less noticable depends on what i'm doing on the unit. It would suck to replace the unit to get another with more problems, btw my box has orange interior.
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    Let me know how your screen looks, if there's any extra brightness on the bottom of the screen, or discoloration. Some tests you can do to see if it's there are view various youtube video's or movie trailers. Also take a few random pictures, and slowly slide between the pictures seeing if any area or the picture appears lighter when you pass over that area of the screen.
  9. #9 looks like there's one "lighted" blotch on bottom left corner, hardly noticeable in Pandora and a couple other places, nothing I can't live with. Other than that, no, nothing else.

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