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    Launch day - black sleeve - 1.0.1
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    launch phone black sleeve.

    Looks like the original black boxes are very much Palm oriented in their logo and design scheme with more Sprint brandings on the yellow boxes from what I can tell.

    Possibly the early batches were packaged in a "generic" Palm box, then as the production ramps up they will have more and more Sprint logos on them.
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    The only difference I can tell is that I got a black box Pre, and it came with software 1.0.1 and I had to update to 1.0.2. My friends who were with me and got Pre's as well got yellow box Pre's and theirs already came with 1.0.2.

    Some people in the forum think the black box Pre's are made with less quality, but I don't really have any major hardware issues. I have a little screen wiggle, and one dead pixel that I can only notice when I start my phone up (actually I had only noticed it when I updated it to 1.0.3!).
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    seems that the yellow sleeved phones bought on 6/10/09 from asw wireless store are having less problems I have 2 and have the updates no major problems... both freeze when the keyboard slides shut but thats a known isssue and easy to fix and one has a small hairline crack that just became visible the other day.... sorry did not intend to hijack the thread just posting observations
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    White box with gray/black sleeve. From what I remember, no Sprint logo (it's at home, I'm at work).
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    Mine is from launch day and came in the black box. I had to shim my battery to stop the phone shutting off when closing the slider. Only took a couple of pieces of electrical tape on top of the battery. No big deal.

    Wife has the yellow box. She got it this past Saturday. No problems so far.
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    Yellow box with the lake scene. Warranty/build date 06/13/2009, purchased 06/19. No build issues. Just minor complaints like speaker and notification volume.
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    Got mine launch day - 6/6 - White box with black sleeve. I've had absolutely no hardware problems or software problems since day one. I've since updated to 1.0.3 and don't see any real pattern developing here. I recently referred a couple who switched to Pre's from AT&T just this past Friday. Haven't seen their sleeves or heard anything negative from them at all thus far.
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    I noticed in a previous thread that some phones in the black sleeve box had been stated to have a later manufacturing date than some pre's in the yellow sleeve box (visa versa). Might want to take note of this.
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    I got a Black Box on Launch 6/6, had the slider shut down issue. Did a quick fix by taking the battery out and put it back.

    Did an exchange before my 30 day's was up on 6/27, because I recieved a misterious dead red pixel. This is when I got the Yellow Box. This "YB Pre" did have a larger gap on one of the sides of the phone when the slider is closed. Not that big of a deal to me, had no slider shut down issue's on this one.

    Still waiting on palm to fix thier back up issue to make it a complete back up, but it was better than nothing.
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    black box .. I had no issues what so ever.. no wobbles, dead pixels, or oreo cookies here.. no cracked screen ...
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    I got my Pre on release day, black box, no issues at all with my phone. Slight bit of screen play which feels normal, no gaps, no dead pixels, battery is solid in the back. I tried to remove it and it didn't budge, it does have a little black pull handle at the top of the battery. I wasn't gonna force it out I figured if it's in there solid there's no reason to pull it out, at least not until I upgrade to the Seido battery
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    Blacksleeve from Radio Shack. This was a launch unit. I've had no issues other than a very minor wobble between the screen and the lower half but it's nothing like the crazy twisting I've seen or read about. No spacing problems either.
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    yellow sleeve. purchased online thru Preferred Sprint Monday after launch. Took 3 days to fill the order due to backorder. No issues...
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    I got the black sleeve version on launch day. I got mine at the local sprint store. Besides the minor wobble on the slider, no issues at all. Everything is A ok here
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    I got my Pre on Sunday, 6/28, white and yellow box with clear/opaque sleeve.
    No issues other than the screen/slider is relatively loose. Is this something I should be trading in for? It hasn't bothered me until I read this thread but now I'm concerned.
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    @MonkeyZero Same box/sleeve and loose screen... However, given some of the other issues I have read about it might not be that bad... Did you take yours in or keep it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DireWolf79 View Post
    @MonkeyZero Same box/sleeve and loose screen... However, given some of the other issues I have read about it might not be that bad... Did you take yours in or keep it?
    I've kept it so far. I agree, considering some of the other issues I've read about I can deal with some "play" in the slider. It doesn't seem to be getting any worse and I open and close the thing constantly.
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    I have a white box, sprint logo on the bottom. Orange Paper inside. And Sprint Palm Sleeve / black yellow with "exposed" wires. No issues.
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    I took a chance and exchanged my Pre today since I was not happy with the intermittent charging, wild signal strength fluctuations, and crappy battery life. Thank goodness I watched the PreCentral video on defects so I could spot them. The 1st phone they brought out had the loose top half (including the big gap between the two halves. The second was perfect. No cracks, bubbles, wiggles, dead pixels, etc. So, I guess I lucked out. One difference with this new unit compared to my launch day unit, is that the ball button has more of a mirror finish on the new unit. Anyone else notice this? My new build date is 6/23/2009 and the box had the yellow slip cover.
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