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    I feel like we all do mention issues might it be hardware or software, things i have read and seen...

    --cut copy paste across the board from text to emails and so on
    --group text
    --multi contact text takes up the entire screen if contact name is too big and -cant see the screen anymore
    --symbols in web text field
    --forwarding text
    --categories in contacts/photos
    --sending a text from call log number that is not in your contacts
    and so guys get the least these are what are important to me .....

    My concern is we see these as issues and they ARE....I somewhat see it as its a NEW OS and I personally think a lot of this stuff they might have completely forgot cause even though its simple to us, it was built from the ground up....its a lot of attention to detail from ground up...

    THAT BEING do we know this is all officially being worked on or not considering these are things we all notice and wonder if they do or not....and when and how long these simple fixes will take considering most of these things are features older palm's have and most everyday phones have....
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    I'd imagine palm preferring to deal with the "missing features" themselves. They know its not 100%, let the engineers work on it instead of reading letters that parrot what these forums are chock full of. I don't have a problem with you wanting to get these addressed, but keep in mind the issues are present in many forums and palm is most certainly aware of them.

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