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    I bought the Palm Pre on 07/01/2009 Yellow Box ( since were all concerned about that ) SKU: PALM100HK. The box indicates the phone was manufactured in China. I have been putting this phone through the paces and have not experienced one problem at all. Works perfectly no dead pixels, no oreo effect, and no gaps at all. By googling the Pre I found the remedy for the short battery life... almost two days of moderate use before the battery was bone dry.

    The issue I have had is when I loaded about 25 non-approved developer apps and the Pre started to give me a memory error message about closing and getting rid of open "cards". So I deleted them and everything is back to perfect.

    There are good phones out there, I am proof and a happy owner of a flawless Palm Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wirelessness View Post
    Seems like you major contributions to the Pre forum are to follow behind people who actually own a Pre and when they have problems say 'Hell yeah I freaking totally agree!". Pretty poignant.

    Let's see if we can just dig up some of your 'original' contributions to the Pre Forum:

    Anyone noticing a little distortion?

    Anyone noticing a little distortion?

    Got my PRE this morning, NOT Impressed!

    Got my PRE this morning, NOT Impressed!

    Apple should not worry at ALL

    I'm one of those that doesn't like it.

    The media player is weak

    You have to plug your Pre into a computer just to delete a video? WOW..HELLA LAME!!

    Being a first gen device doesnt matter, life isnt fair

    Dead Pre?

    Oh Burn! Lol!
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