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    Is there currently any way to move files to/from the Pre without having to hook up the USB cable? WiFi or BT? I think the answer is "not at this time", but I wanted to ask the collective and see if I had just missed it.

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    short of rooting your pre and installing ssh so you can sftp stuff to and from your pre, no.
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    Thanks for the verification....I just may do that, I hate cables.
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    sftp over ssh is nice. I use free winscp as my client.

    I found out the touchstone will stick to the textured vinyl of the center arm rest in my pickup truck, so I'll be getting another touchstone for the car. I'm so glad I resisted the urge to rip off the usb door.

    I don't see myself ever using the usb port on the pre.

    edit: forgot to mention it, but you can set the firewall rules up in such a way that you can do SFTP over any or all network interfaces. I could SFTP into the phone over the cell radio (EVDO/1xRTT) if I left it at home, for example.

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