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    If you edit your account you are gonna see an option to setup where your deleted emails should go. By default it assigns the corresponding TRASH/DELETED MESSAGES folder. But if it doesn't and you are using IMAP then create a folder named "TRASH" and assigned your deleted emails to that folder. That easy! There is no need for an undo button.
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    how about if we can

    1st.. select all the emails we want to delete by tapping them....
    2nd... click a "delete all selected"

    Simple and effective... U can click on something again if you decide you do not want to delete it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoe View Post
    So, I love the swipe to delete emails action, but sometimes the screen isn't that precise and I swipe away an e-mail I don't want to delete!!
    Go to Trash, select deleted message and move it back to the Inbox.
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