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    Having trouble using WiFi at home. I'm on Roadrunner. Automatic IP settings do not work. Called RR tech help and got IP Address, Subnet Address, Gateway, and DNS Server. Pre finds the network but the speed is very slow compared to non-WiFi.

    Any ideas?

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    What kind of wireless router are you using?
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    Go to the following site on your Pre to better quantify your issue:
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    I don't see a brand name on it. Supplied by TimeWarner Roadrunner. It, by the way, is a phone/internet modem. Had the Digital phone before getting the Pre and when I reupped with Time Warner the Phone was in the package even though I don't need it with the Pre.

    Also, I have Airave if that needs to be factored in.
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    There are so many settings and security on those supplied modems that it would just easier to get a normal wireless router to attch. I run a linksys wireless N gigabit router with my bellsouth DSL. I also have my router configured with a WEP key and my Pre works great. You don't need to go quite this advanced if you don't want but it is up to you. Hope this helps.

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