View Poll Results: How many times have you exhanged your Pre?

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  • This is my 4th Time. Fifth Pre!! Really?!

    31 3.73%
  • Third time's the charm. This is my fourth Pre.

    29 3.49%
  • Twice. This is my third Pre.

    100 12.02%
  • Once. This is my second Pre.

    203 24.40%
  • None - First Pre and it's been perfect

    469 56.37%
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    There are just a lot of posts where people say, "I'm going into my second, third, fourth phone" due to various issues like Blotches, pixels and such and would really like to get an idea from all the owner that...

    Two weeks into the launch, how many people have exchanged their Pres and how many times?

    It would be cool to get as many forum members to vote in next couple of days to get an idea at least from this group.

    If it's your first Pre and it's perfect, then great and let yourself be counted. If you're on your second or third or, sorry, more, then let yourself be counted too.

    First time making a poll so I hope it shows up... Someone created one for the first time earlier in week and I got to ask him, "Where's the poll *****?" Let's see if I did any better.

    And hats off to those people that have gone more than 2... admire your determination to try and make it work for you.
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    on my second! 1st was black sleeve, second yellow sleeve. Happy with both but the 1st one had a big ol' dead pixel in the dead center of the screen!
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    Bought mine on launch day. No issues requiring a replacement.
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    0. woot!
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    I'm still on the original purchase as well
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    Boy, you guys responded before I finished the Poll.
    Surprised I didn't get the '*****' post during that time. LOL

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    I see the silent majority is slowly coming out to let it be known their one and only purchase is perfect... Which is usually the case where as a whole, most people are having no problems and never post anything.

    May go to show a lot of people that hate the complaint and issues posts that it's never really as bad as it is perceived at the moment.
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    I'm on my second Pre...first was a black sleeve, this one's a yellow sleeve. First one was fine at first, but then it progressively began to twist while started to feel like I was twisting an Oreo so that was not going to fly, haha. Got this new one today and it's perfect! Let's hope it stays that way...haha.
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    Bought mine on launch day and still the original unit also, and no problems with it. It's been excellent......

    Black sleeve box and warranty date of 05/14/09.....

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    I have yellowish splotches on the bottom edge of mine. I'm going in this week for a replacement. This will be my first and hopefully last replacement. :-/
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    Got stuck pixels on mine and I'm on my 2nd Pre, so I'm goin in for a 3rd... Sounds like 2nd or 3rd time is the charm with these things.
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    I have a bad pixel only visible in camera mode. Not sure if its worth the hassle of returning it though.
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    Scheduled for my 2nd exchange (3rd Pre) next week.
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    Still on my first one.
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    I have my first, which I got 3 days ago. I will be trying to return it tomorrow if they have any, because the camera broke 24 hours after I got it.
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    Third times a charm... NOT! lol I still have a blotch on the screen when it warms up but it's definitely ALOT smaller than my other 2 lol I guess I'm just not meant to have a PERFECT Pre but i still love this phone it;s amazing!
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    0+none+1st pre=happy me
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    #1 - Bad comma key.
    #2 - Screen bubble.
    #3 - So far, so good.
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    Awaiting for my first exchange right now.
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