View Poll Results: How many times have you exhanged your Pre?

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  • This is my 4th Time. Fifth Pre!! Really?!

    31 3.73%
  • Third time's the charm. This is my fourth Pre.

    29 3.49%
  • Twice. This is my third Pre.

    100 12.02%
  • Once. This is my second Pre.

    203 24.40%
  • None - First Pre and it's been perfect

    469 56.37%
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  1. ken0311's Avatar
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    This poll is invalid. I originally posted that I returned it once. I'm now on my 4th pre going to my fifth!
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    I exchanged mine on launch day because it had a large gap on the top left corner and too much wiggle between the keyboard and screen. Since then both mine and my wife's have been perfect.
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    On 2nd. Slider crashes ALL THE TIME. New one feels quite a bit looser in the construction.
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    1st pre, got bubbles under the screen, 2nd had 4 dead pixles, 3rd one the volume up button is super hard to use. you have to push really hard and in the exact spot to get the volume up to work. Im really thinking about canceling my contract and waiting for the htc hero.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ken0311 View Post
    This poll is invalid. I originally posted that I returned it once. I'm now on my 4th pre going to my fifth!
    we may need to reset this poll ...
    da Gimp

    Please note: My spelling sucks and I'm to lazy to check it.
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    Yeah i returned it once when this poll was up. Now im on my 4th Pre!!!!
  7. markbugs's Avatar
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    First Pre had a bright splotch the size of a pea in the upper left corner. It would get worse as the phone heated up. Also there were two tiny bubbles near the splotch. Also, it was near impossible to bring up the battery use menu - screen touch seemed to be really bad there.

    Second Pre has 2 very tiny bright splotches that I can live with that do NOT get worse with heat. No other issues at all.

    Both came packaged in black boxes.
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    My first pre was on release day, I ended up returning it about a week ago due to signal issues. It would just drop all signal and couldn't connect back onto the evdo network unless I reset the phone.

    2nd phone had the wobble everyone is speaking about. I was hesitant to even leave the store with how it felt, I came on here and saw the other threads of people with the issue, so I brought it back.

    3rd phone is awesome. No signal issues, no wobble issue, screen works, pixels work, buttons work...hope i'm not jinxing myself here, but this one is perfect
  9. n4cer's Avatar
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    Returned my 3rd Pre within the 30 days for a full refund, old contract agreement and reinstatement of my upgradability. I've had enough!
  10. ken0311's Avatar
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    If you look at the poll results, it's an almost 50/50 that you'd get a good phone. Since, I've been through 4 so far, and it's been very frustrating to lose the coin toss each time.

    I decided to stop dealing with sprint and went straight to palm. The rep I talked to even admitted that they are investigating a design flaw in some Pre's where the screen cannot stand pressure and heat. (This is where the cracks,bubbles, discoloration, come into play.) If your phone has this issue exchange it or send it for repair. Unfortunately, with the repair you might end up with a totally different phone in recon status. For me this is my only option short of leaving my contract with sprint, but I really love the pre even after its shortcomings.
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    My 2nd phone here has the oreo twist syndrome as well. Problem is, the sprint store is telling me that if I return this one I will only get back a refurbished phone. Has anyone who has returned the phone 2 times or more run into this? I like the phone, but there is no way I'm going to take a refurbished phone to replace a faulty new one, expecially after paying $200 for it.
  12. gaperry's Avatar
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    This is my third Pre, the first one had cracking sound coming from the speaker. The second one had a area of the screen from the top to the bottom that was unresponsive. My wife is still on her original one.
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    First one had the sensor that cuts screen off when using as a handset fail. Pre would open conact and dial the person I was already talking to on the other line. Second one after three days developed large gap on side where volume buttons are located and became wobbly. Service tech said it was a factory defect. Pick up third one in store in a week. It's still functional. After paying full price and the wait, I want a phone that works and looks like it's supposed to.
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    Got my first Pre June 26th. The phone and OS are great but reception was all over the place,i.e. 0-5 bars Ev, 0-5 bars 1x. Coming from att the bars never less than 3-5 at home. According to Sprint maps I'm Best to Good at home.
    Went by Sprint this afternoon asking if they could check out my Pre do to bad reception. They said OK. Well about 10 minutes later they call me and are bringing out a new boxed Pre. Yes it was new!
    Sure enough it did not pass their testing. This one has way less twist and a very small gap along each side.
    Reception much better, but still some what jumpy. Time will tell, but sure hope this works out so I can dump the iPhone 3G.
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    still using my first one.. no issues here
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    Well, I'm on my 2nd, better built and better reception too, no "Oreo effect", but, 1 stuck pixel (not noticeable unless you really look for it)
    But I won't risk a third one, I will keep this one; well, today is one day after the 30 days policy, so, yea, I'm keeping it
  17. ehosey2's Avatar
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    I am on the original Pre I got on june 6th and it has zero problems. It is a keeper.
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    On my 2nd Pre. First was a black box, Second a yellow box. First one wouldn't charge or hold a charge correctly. Had it plugged into the wall with about 20% battery with most functionality turned off. Before I know it the phone has lost most of its battery and is displaying a picture of a battery on the screen with a little red filling the bottom trying to show it is low on battery. I was unable to get away from this screen. Eventually took the battery out to reset it. Plugged the phone back in to charge and it got stuck in a loop in the startup sequence. All it would do would display 'Palm' for maybe 10 seconds and then you could see the screen flash and that would repeat forever.
  19. areinus's Avatar
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    I'm on my first Pre that I got on launch day. Came with 1.01 installed. No major problems to speak of!
  20. mcalvi01's Avatar
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    I am beginning to think I am cursed. I am now on my 4th Pre. I have actually had 6 Pre's on my line now since 2 others were found to be defective during setup at the store.

    I just exchanged my last one last night for 3 dead pixels and the slider shut off problem. Now this new one has a nasty blotching all along the bottom of the screen that runs up about 3/4 of an inch up. It looks white on darker colors and yellowish on white backgrounds. The quality of everything else on the phone is flawless in comparison to the last ones I have had, no gaps, no Oreo, perfect keyboard just like my wife's inaugural day Pre.

    I hate going back because its at least an hour each time I am there. I don't have time to keep doing this. I think I am going to sit there and play with it until I know its right.

    Wish me luck!

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