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  • This is my 4th Time. Fifth Pre!! Really?!

    31 3.73%
  • Third time's the charm. This is my fourth Pre.

    29 3.49%
  • Twice. This is my third Pre.

    100 12.02%
  • Once. This is my second Pre.

    203 24.40%
  • None - First Pre and it's been perfect

    469 56.37%
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    This doesn't look promising... if any of you guys read that leaked Sprint Rep guide about the Pre, you'll know that the Pre is 100% irreparable: in other words, when you return a pre, it is quite literally scrapped, not repaired. At $170, that's a lot of money they lose when you hafta return the pre, which equates to Palm and Sprint losing even MORE money.

    Man, I hope they can make it through, I really like both those companies.

    I guess I should blame Palm though, even as much as I like 'em: they need to improve the hardware.
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    My first phone did the Oreo thing bad enough that I had to exchange it.

    The second one would shut off when I closed the slider. I put a piece of paper next to the battery and it was fine. My local Sprint store in Laguna Niguel replaced the battery and it has been fine.

    I am now having a problem with the ringtones not playing the preview when I go to select them. But they do play if I have the headphones plugged in. I am on the phone right now with palm and they have escalated the call.

    My Sprint Store (Laguna Niguel) has been GREAT! Best customer service I have ever had from a cell phone store!

    UPDATE: Looks like I will be on my third pre. After 2 hours with palm on the phone for the ringtone issue they said to exchange it.
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    On my second. First had a bubble between screen and LCD, plus rebooted once when closing keyboard.

    They exchanged, not a problem, been two weeks, happy camper.
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    Wow... 384 votes.
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    As I said earlier in this thread, I was going to exchange my first because of a brolen camera. I just needed to wait until they had one for me. That happened yesyerday, and so far so good. I will wait a few days until I am confident though.
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    Bought two Pre's last week, on the second day one of them was turning off... In line for an exchange...

    Great OS.....
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    Have bubbled screen syndrome

    currently awaiting my replacement they said 2-3 business days its been a bloody week..

    how long has it been for most of your exchanges??
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    *sigh* i gave up trying to get a new one
    just ordered myself a refurb, and ill keep doing so till i get a perfect one, hurray for overnite shipping
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    I'm on #5 and finally happy...even though it still has two small botches
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    Are you guys checking these phones when you are starting them up? Any bubbles or wobbles I would tell them to swap me out before I walked out. If something happened while normal use I can understand. My wife has one she got two days later with the yellow sleeve and it wobbles a bit when she opens it but it doesn't bother her. Software works like a champ. I am getting mine tomorrow with my upgrade and it sounds like if I were to get a bad one that Sprint will take care of me ASAP and not to send it off and wait a few weeks for a replacement. Sure there are some bad ones. 300k and not everyone is going to work perfectly. But what is more important that Sprint steps up and take care of the customer right away. Last time I saw the poll, there are 3x more people that have not returned there first one compared to the next tier where people have returned it atleast once. If the poll show more of a 50/50...then maybe Sprint and Palm would be worried.
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    I am curently on my 3rd pre. The 1st worked great and was very well put together. I never had a prob out of it until fri when the speaker went up on me. I brought it on launch day. I was even there waiting for the store to open. I went to the sprint store on sat and there was no prob at all w/ getting a replacement. Onfurtunatly the replacement phone was a piece of crap. When it was closed there was gap around the side wide enough to stick a mirco SD card in. I didn't really pay it any attention at first but when I was talking on the phone with it closed I could feel the front of the screen moving against my face. I took the phone to the sprint store in the mall that I happened to be in at the time and get this, I hope you're all sitting down. I showed my phone to the salesperson. I even compared it to the 2 phone they had on display and told him that the phone I brought in june 6 was very well put together like the display models they had in the store. He said to me "we have alot of phones like that" and went in the back and got a new phone out of the box that was just as f@cked up as the phone I had been given. He had no idea how pissed off he had made me. I really want to drag his lil *** outside. Thank god one of his co/ workers steped in and offered to switch out my phone. Please be careful when you buy a phone make sure you inspect it very well b4 you even alow them to activate it. I really think that secound batch of phones had alot of problems. When talked to someone at sprint customer service they said the same thing which was kinda shocking but I did apreciate his honesty
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    Mine :
    1st - slider issue (shutting off when sliding closed)
    2nd - bubble in screen

    1st - Faulty proximity sensor (screen goes dark when holding phone up to face and freezes. Didn't come back on without battery pull)
    2nd -Same slider issue as mine

    The 3rd seems like the charm for both of us and have been problem free for past 2 weeks now so we'll be sticking with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMethos View Post
    Just got a damn screen bubble!!! what the hell is that about??
    So yea, add me to the going for an exchange list...i never thought i'd be one.....damn
    My 2nd phone had a bubble in it. Was never quite sure if it was there to begin with and I just didn't notice or if it developed. I think I only had it 2 or 3 days when I noticed it. I am always very careful with it, never leave it in the sun or near moisture, so not sure how something like that develops. Weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agent2099 View Post
    When you exchange the Pre, does it have to be in perfect shape? No scratches etc?
    I exchanged 2 phones twice each at 2 different stores and the reps never even inspected them. I think once the rep wanted us to just replicate the problem or point out the bubble I had. I think the agreement says "like new" which means if there are some hairline scratch or stuff from putting in your pocket etc they are not a big deal.
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    This is my second Pre. I bought two Pre's, one for me and one for the wife. After having the Pre for aobut a week, I got the dreaded shutdown when I would randomly close the slider.

    The slider would gradually get loose and then turned into the Oreo slider, really loose. I went to the Sprint store and the guy said, "Oh its the battery issue." So, he puts a new battery in and says the loose slider is normal.

    I do the update (1.03) and have new battery. Works for a day, then the shutdown (actually dim black screen and need to reboot) screen.

    I get this randomly, so I go to another Sprint store and the guy says, "oh you need to return this at the store you bought it from"

    So next day I go to that store and the sales guy looks at the phone for about 5 seconds, and then goes to the back and returns the phone for a new one immediatly.

    Since then, it has been perfect. My wifes Pre is also been fine.

    So, theres my story.

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    I had to exchange mine once for a wobbly screen and now the second one seems to be doing something similar... Not ok.
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    I swapped my original Pre cause it has a dead pixel but now my 2nd Pre has a wobbly slider and the center button is too flushed. The gaps on the sides are way too big. Going for a 3rd Pre today.
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    I actually had a "perfect pre" until today!!!

    after I downloaded and installed the web OS 1.0.4 my ear piece speaker gave out on me and i was only able to hear phone calls via my speaker phone!!! what's the deal with that????

    I was livid and ended up taking my phone back to best buy and having it exchanged(they just got a shipment in this morning lucky me) and the new pre that i have is actually perfect!!

    No dead pixels no wobbly screen etc....

    the phone was made on the 24th of june... and was a yellow sleeve. my first pre was a black sleeve..
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    tried once, but the sprint employees said it was "normal" the wobbly screen . So it was a no can do on the exchange
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    I voted once but it is not quite accurate but it will be-I am going to bring it back just before the 30 day exchange deadline-I want to keep it to make sure I explore all quirks and test on this one that will be refurbed after I bring it back

    My reasons for return are-charge/sync tap will not clip back in-When I get a new one I most likely will remove it because it is off more than it is on -charging the battery in the car and at home-maybe the new battery announced today will help-I wish I could get a rubber cover foe that like the one on my digital camera so dirt etc.. will not get in the hole.

    Screen is not as responsive as other units I have seen-SW issue maybe
    Light emanating from bottom

    that's it for know-I am pretty happy with the Pre
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