View Poll Results: How many times have you exhanged your Pre?

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  • This is my 4th Time. Fifth Pre!! Really?!

    31 3.73%
  • Third time's the charm. This is my fourth Pre.

    29 3.49%
  • Twice. This is my third Pre.

    100 12.02%
  • Once. This is my second Pre.

    203 24.40%
  • None - First Pre and it's been perfect

    469 56.37%
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    I got a yellow box 1.02 on launch day and still have it. Battery works great and no major issues, but I am tempted to replace it due to the light bleeding and wobble. However, the wobble is only 1 mm and sounds like it will be there on almost every phone after time unless you apply some fix.

    As for light bleeding, are any Pre truly free of this after a few days use? I have some light bleeding on the bottom and on the right side which is very noticeable on the all-green test screen and the App Store/Pandora. Otherwise, I can't tell with other apps and my wallpaper. Palm should just change the background on the App Store and Pandora and most people would have never noticed hah.
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    Got my original one on the day it came out. Came with the black box with the flower. Bluetooth wouldnt stay connected once it goes to idle/sleep mode. Battery lasted 5hours on VERY light usage with everything turned off.

    Exhanged it. got a white box with a sunset. bluetooth works perfect. Battery lasted me from 8am until 1am with moderate usage!!!! (was at 0% at 1am )
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    Great response... 176 people. I really expected a larger silent majority of pre owners that have not had to return to represent and keep the percentage of users exchanging under 20%.

    Can this be a sticky for another day or two?
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    When you exchange the Pre, does it have to be in perfect shape? No scratches etc?
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    After waiting for 4 hours in a Sprint store to get my Pre on release date (long story) not 30 minutes after I got home my screen would go about 90% black when I opened the keyboard. Of course they were sold out by the time I went back and had to wait 4 days for a replacement. Being first on the list I expected perfection. Wrong! Pre number two had "scuff" marks on some of the keys and I had to get a perfect one. My current one is doing fine but I'm a little concerned about the issues I've been reading about. Slapped and Invisible Shield on the front and back and hoping nothing goes wrong. We'll see....
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    I'm waiting on number 3.

    First one was a launch day Pre..(black box).. It had all kinds of issues (freezing, sluggish, crashing, overheating, died after 4 hours....etc)
    Second one had a yellow box and was good to me for a few days until I noticed 3 stuck pixels and light leakage.

    I could have gotten over these two little problems...but today my camera died.
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    wow ... so many people having a 3rd replacement. at the moment i'm typing tbhis, we have a 36% return rate. Given, a random poll like this is normally not accurate, it's still very intresting.
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    Exchanged mine at the Sprint store during the initial set-up, before even leaving the store... had one stuck pixel. No problems since.
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    Getting ready for my 3rd exchange, lots of play in the slide out and huge gap on the side, my first pre got bricked by sprint. I hope third time in a charm.
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    221 people voted so far. Cool I don't think I have seen other polls here with as many people voting.

    I think the numbers are too high myself... but was really expecting a silent majority of owners with no issues to lower the numbers. It's just not happening.

    Quote Originally Posted by B-model View Post
    wow ... so many people having a 3rd replacement. at the moment i'm typing tbhis, we have a 36% return rate. Given, a random poll like this is normally not accurate, it's still very intresting.
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    Just swapped mine out last night. Phone was working great, no battery issues or any of the other problems. I swapped it out because there was a bubble under the screen that was getting bigger. Luckily they had a few in stock so it was an easy swap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donm527 View Post
    There are just a lot of posts where people say, "I'm going into my second, third, fourth phone" due to various issues like Blotches, pixels and such and would really like to get an idea from all the owner that...

    Two weeks into the launch, how many people have exchanged their Pres and how many times?

    It would be cool to get as many forum members to vote in next couple of days to get an idea at least from this group.

    If it's your first Pre and it's perfect, then great and let yourself be counted. If you're on your second or third or, sorry, more, then let yourself be counted too.

    First time making a poll so I hope it shows up... Someone created one for the first time earlier in week and I got to ask him, "Where's the poll *****?" Let's see if I did any better.

    And hats off to those people that have gone more than 2... admire your determination to try and make it work for you.
    Exchanged my 1st back to Best Buy due to several dead pixels and other issues. My 2nd seemed better with only 1 dead pixel you could barely see on the boot up screen but now my keyboard is twisting badly and I have only opened it 64 times in 2 weeks. talked to Palm and they are sending me another free of charge. I hope it is ok!!!
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    Still on my original.

    Browsing through these forums and reading how many people have had problems, I consider myself quite lucky that I haven't run into any major issues... Granted, I have the occasional software snafu but that's just early-version bugs that'll get fixed eventually.
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    First time was a charm, and still is! No problems... *knock on wood*
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    Going to pick up number 3 tomorrow.
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    Just picked up my 3rd. First was exchanged same day, had 3 stuck pixels. 2nd had 10+ stuck pixels and wifi would dropout when streaming pandora through stereo bluetooth headsets. Both were black boxes. No problems with white box Pre I received yesterday, 1.0.2 preinstalled, warranty date of 6/10/2009.
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    1st one: cracked screen, and 1 dead pixel.
    This one: spacebar and c button have nice responses but don't click nicely like the 1st one did; and 5 dead pixels on black screen; 1 dead pixel on white screen. i also noticed this power button clicks better than the 1st one.

    my sprint store isn't going to like me.
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    First pre

    No problems. I'm so happy! I love this phone.

    I better not have just jinxed myself.
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    On my second now. The first had a broken vibrate slider from day one and recently started to freeze up all the time for no good reason. I won't even discuss the horrible reception issues. This second one has more wobble in it and came with .2 installed, white box. First one waa a black box I think..
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