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    my phone has the uneven gap when closed on one side.

    however the screen is excellent, the phone has been rock solid stable with no crashes or reboots, and when the screen is open it doesnt wobble at all and feels very solid.

    i think i'll live with the small wiggle/gap
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    Quote Originally Posted by pomokey View Post
    is this what your phone looks like?

    I think I am going to see if I can try and exchange it, but I am worried that I will get one that's worse.
    My first one had pixel issues - but my second one is EXACTLY like the one in your youtube vid - I got put on a list for a third one but when it came it, it was exactly like that right out of the box!

    I had them put me back on the list and refused the trade out for the 3rd Pre - that was over a week ago - I'm not sure they actually put me back on the list... very frustrating...
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    mine looks like the one in the youtube video as well. this is my 3rd pre, but the first with this abnormal gap/oreo slide issue (pre #1 had 2 dead pixels, pre #2 had a bubble underneath the screen)
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