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    Found this on the engadget comment section in regards to the 1.0.3 update: Palm webOS 1.0.3 update now available

    Presto! A prelude, a precentor presents a precocial predator, preserving the preponderance of its predecessors, precisely preengineered, prefocused on perfection, for preeminent personalities with predeveloped prefontal cortices. Predestined to preside and prevail with prestige.

    Prejudiced pretentious prepubescent preservers of the presumably predominant precedent, once held precious, preconciously yet pressingly and persistently present premonitions, preconcieved predictions of its preclusion from the game. Precancel your preorders of the precancerous iPhone, promoter of petty prettification.

    Presented to you in a pretty precession. You may call me Pre.
    If you've seen the movie "V" - then this would make sense to you. If not, I'm sure you can appreciate the user's linguistic skills. (User: Superhobo)
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    That's imPREssive!!!
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    Epic. Excellent movie by the way.
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    Loved it and the movie. Funny the IPhone guys thought it was an insult on the PRE.

    Little did they know.

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