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    i cracked my screen and want to know how long it takes. also i am not the authorized owner of the account but have all the information, furthermore i am not located at the billing address but another location, so willl i still get my phone.
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    I have not carried insurance on a phone since 2002. Of course with the Pre I decided to get it, even though I like to pay full retail for everything. Back in the old days I made some claims on lost phones and it usually took like 3 or 4 days. I am curious as to how long it will take. I assume the waiting time may be a little longer due to high demand.
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    Most of the time it only takes one to two days. Had to have my Instinct replaced and it was there the next day.
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    Overnight but they probably don't have the pre in yet.
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    The Pre is in and it usually takes a day. Call before 3pm and you will probably receive it the next day.

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