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    Just read a thread on video confirmation, and laughed when someone answered how they would never use such a thing, so thanks for the useless news. I've seen the same thing in response to the 8GB/no SD question, etc. etc.

    Here's a simple thought to cope: if the Pre gets a function you don't give a ditty about, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. Somebody else will certainly like, and buy a Pre because of it. The more people who buy Pre's, the bigger the user base will become and the better chance you'll get what you want.

    (and if you try that just might find...)
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    I agree with you that people shouldn't rant about new features that they don't care about, but I do want to chime in that I disagree that some of these features will cause someone to buy a Pre. Pre purchases should buy a Pre because of its innovative WebOS not because there MAY/MAYNOT be video recording. If they buy it based on that they are a foolish consumer(At the very least in my eyes).

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