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    Quote Originally Posted by TR30 View Post
    They do look great, especially in low-light conditions.

    I found this thread in macforums which shows more photo samples, including video.

    iPhone 3G S - Camera quality - Samples?!?! - Page 3 - Mac Forums
    wow, that video was undeniably great for a video-phone

    i hope Palm does something just as spectacular when they implement video capturing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chimmer View Post
    Mine seems to when it's a darker scene. I haven't taken a whole lot yet but I'll play around with it more.

    By the way, if you're wondering why I thanked you it's because I like your avatar.
    LOL thanks.. ;-)
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    let's see some pictures, gang!
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    The Pre takes much better pictures than the 700P but still room for improvement. Johnny, have you noticed that the EXIF is somewhat off?

    I've been posting my Pre pictures at

    As a small bonus for people using Noise Ninja, here is the NN profile for the Pre.
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