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    WACKuWeather. Advertising ribbon is annoying and has Christian ads!?! Hourly is rarely accurate. I like The Weather Channels mobile version much better. Every other hour on main page and different ways to view radar including a loop setting. May be AccuW will improve with updates...?
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    I just wish the radar map was zoomable and offered motion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skysurfer View Post
    Are there notifications when these apps get updates? How do you know when these things happen?

    In the App Catalog, applications with available updates have a little icon in the upper right that looks like a blue circle with two white arrows pointing down.
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    I just use Where, which uses Accuweather and does a better job than the standalone app. Between that and Fandango, those are the only apps I would shell out money for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshyz View Post
    WACKuWeather. Advertising ribbon is annoying and has Christian ads!?!
    Jesus Christ! Christian ads! I hadn't noticed that yet. Will the religious zealots (of any faith) please get out of my phone and go back to spreading hate the old fashioned way. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankees368 View Post
    Why is accuweather so popular? In my mind, its just OK. Very basic weather info, non-animated radar. I would rather use (has a working animated weather radar)
    I would like to see a weather app that is able to alert you of warnings in the background, like on BB and winmo.
    Great site, much more detailed than the regular weather channel page. The looped radar is nice to have as well!
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    I've tried but it won't let me reset the location. I chose Washington DC to test it and then whenever I click "Edit" to change my location it just reloads the Washington page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by northward View Post
    I find more info for weather geeks like me on Wunderground's iPhone site than anywhere else:

    Weather Underground for iPhone

    Check it out!
    I also use this. It still needs to be updated so animated radar and a couple other features work...

    In my experience, Wunderground's forecasts have always been the most accurate...

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    best app so far
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    Most be all this crasy weather we are having
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    I do not appreciate the ad bar that is hard to close and the christian ads either. Still, the app works well enough...
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    Quote Originally Posted by donald.aleshire View Post
    On my blackberry I had weatherbug, I liked it a lot because it always showed me the current temp without me actually having to click on the app itself.

    Did the iPhone have an app like this and/or do u think the pre will get something like this?
    iPhone has WeatherBug app.

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