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    Hi all, I'm a proud new owner of my day old pre and a big audiophile that lives off Pandora. One of my favorite things to do with this thing obviously is to stream Pandora through the pre and use my auxiliary port in the car to play it over the speakers. However, like anyone who has streamed Pandora through the phone knows, this is quite taxing on the battery. To solve this problem, i got a car charger for it to charge the phone while i streamed Pandora in the car.

    At first, all was well. However, i started to notice that there was a buzzing high pitch feedback sound through the speakers while it was charging and it would whir and hiss louder and more annoyingly every time i stepped on the gas. At first i barely noticed it but now that i do, it has totally ruined the music listening experience ! So I'm either left with the option of streaming my music on my drive to school without charging and kill the battery, or endure the high pitch whistle and ruin the music quality which i so value.

    So my question is, does anyone else have this problem and has anyone found a work around for it ? Would using the touchstone to charge the battery instead of a direct connection to the usb port negate the sound ? If anyone has any clue i would really appreciate some feed back.
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    that noise is either due to a cheap car charger or your car plug not being grounded properly
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    I agree.. get a higher quality 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable(or rca's) .. make sure it's plugged in all the way on both sides. Also for $150 to $200 you can get a bluetooth a2dp car stereo so it's a nice wireless bluetooth digital connection.
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    I got a ground loop isolator from ebay to fix that problem.
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    Also I believe getting better quality sparkplug cables help with that issue.
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    I stream Pandora via Bluetooth while charging. Works fine.
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    ground loop isolater. Problem fixed. :-)
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    I agree with the bluetooth option; it sounds fantastic. I use a Motorola T505 that is on my visor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince_K View Post
    ground loop isolater. Problem fixed. :-)
    ditto ... had to do the same with my ipod in the car...
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    I haven't had that issue but when I was listening to Pandora a call came in and my ringtone went blaring over the car speakers ... Annoying.

    I was hoping for a more nuanced interaction between Pandora and thr Phone app.

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    did it on a 2 hour drive today; notice a similar problem and then it went away for 1.5 hours
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    So of you that went the bluetoothe route, are you having no issues even while charging the phone ? If so then the feedback while charging is only a problem with the aux port ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucidlore View Post
    So of you that went the bluetoothe route, are you having no issues even while charging the phone ? If so then the feedback while charging is only a problem with the aux port ?
    Correct... this is true for all electronic devices... since bluetooth breaks the physical connection and operates over-the-air you will not get the ground loop. However, since the power plug from the charger and the aux port connected through the headphone cable are all linked together and share a common ground you get the ground loop interference.

    A device such as this: PAC SNI-1/3.5 Noise Filter Helps eliminate ground loop noise from your portable music player! (3.5mm plugs) at would fix your issue. It gets installed between your Pre's headphone jack and the aux port... I have one off ebay that works like a champ in my new Camry...

    I will not argue the bluetooth solution would work but for best sound I would suggest sticking with the AUX connection...
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    Wow. Something simple like that is perfectly what im looking for.

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