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    can a battery ''get ruined''? what happens if you didn't charge it right away when you first got it and just played with the phone or didn't charge it 100% that first time?

    i'm just curious why so many different battery stories that are good or bad. i understand each battery life is based on when it is made since it looses juice right away. I don't know, just so many different stories.
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    I can't believe you guys are getting these numbers. I get 6 hours with heavy use and 12 if i dont use it almost at all. Heck my battery drains when its OUT of the phone. Luckily I'm getting it replaced soon so we'll see if I get a better one. I love this phone but I've been having so many problems (volume button not working, keyboard backlight not working, battery problems).
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    Well, I'm now at 34% after 26 hours (light use). This to me is quite acceptable. I'm not sure why it is so different than my early experiences but maybe it has something too do with my new Airave and 1.0.3. I'm going to make more phone calls today to see how that affects battery life.
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    The only X factor to me is signal strength causing drain by having to boost power to the radio. I get 1-3 bars at home and am one of those with poor battery life.
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    I charged the battery on my pre last night and at 10 am it was 100%, this morning at 7am it registered 65%. I don't know if that is good or bad. What do you folks think?
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    i had a similar experience and went bananas on the following thread posting my results: 184947-wifi-really-does-help-battery-life.html
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    Earlier today my Pre ran out of battery after 30 hours 46 minutes. Altogether during that time I made over an hour of phone calls (with bluetooth), surfed the web for more than an hour, sent some text messages, did maybe half an hour of email, and maybe a half hour of Pandora streamed over stereo bluetooth.

    I'm happy with that. Since I am on the list to exchange this Pre I'm going to see if I can keep this same battery just in case this just happens to be a good battery.
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