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  • Yes (hardware issues) & I exchanged it

    5 19.23%
  • Yes (hardware issues) & I am just dealing with it

    6 23.08%
  • No hardware issues

    15 57.69%
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    I will be eligible to get a Pre in August but I have read a lot of posts talking about having pixel, slider, or other hardware issues so I want to see if I am just seeing the bad & most are okay or if there really are a lot of bad Pre's sold. If there are a lot maybe I will wait (I sure don't want to - hard enough waiting until August) to see if they can tweak their manurfacturing. I sure hope we wouldn't have to wait for a new device in order for them to fix the issues. Let me know if you have gotten a Pre which had some hardware defect.

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    I can get a phone now, but I'm waiting a while for a few production runs. But I think one thing you left out of the poll is which box did it come in, a black one or a yellow one:

    Or maybe the warranty date code is what is significant:
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    No hardware issues here.
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    I had one weird issue where part of my screen became dark, but it only happened briefly once.. if it happens again I'm definitely going in to the sprint store to try to exchange it.

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