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    so i've had my pre for about 6 days now. got mine from bestbuy. the screen like many others is a little loose on the top left and swivels slightly. i've seen mixed opinions from take it back, to palm says this is normal. the looseness hasn't got any worst and its tight when opened. my brothers is tight on the top left.

    so my question is should i exchange or wait another week or two and keep an eye on it? also has anyone exchanged at bestbuy yet? i know they have far less pre's coming in. do i have to exchange at bestbuy since i got it there or can i do it at sprint too?

    i'm afraid of returning it and getting something with dead pixels or a worst swivel effect.
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    If you're not happy, exchange it. It's your money and you're the one who will use it and pay a premium plan for it.
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    do i have to take it to best buy since i got it there? or will sprint store do the exchange?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoppy785 View Post
    do i have to take it to best buy since i got it there? or will sprint store do the exchange?
    I agree. If you are not happy with it (the looseness would drive me crazy) I would exchange it. I would say return it back to where you got it. Did you by the extended warranty? I would ask if you would have to buy the extended warranty again if you turned it back it - my thought would be no if you bought it within the last 7 days they should just give you another. If they don't have any in stock then ask them if you can go to Sprint to exchange it.
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    called bestbuy and they pretty much told me a replacement wouldnt come in time for my 30 days... they told me to see if sprint would exchange it for me... called *2 and asked sprint and they were very vague as to whether or not they would make the exchange for me since its from bestbuy, they kinda said yes, but it was not a definite yes. anyone know for sure?
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    My understanding has always been that Sprint stores refuse service on any devices not purchased at any licensed Sprint stores. Don't know how far this extends into exchanges.

    That assumption is based entirely on the answer an Sprint employee gave me when I asked him that very question regarding a device I was thinking about buying in a mall kiosk because it was cheaper than in the store.

    However, the Sprint employee could have been wrong, or maybe he was just referring to random mall kiosk devices and this doesn't extend to things purchased in Best Buy/Radio Shack.
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    Seriously? Best Buy says we don't have them in stock so you lose out on your exchange time window? I would go back to Best Buy and talk to the highest level management you can and continue talking (nicely of course) until they behave more reasonably.

    They have an exchange policy; you brought it back within the time frame; it is NOT your problem that they don't have a device on hand - you did your part & they need to own up to their end of the deal.

    good luck,

    fwiw -- I have minor wiggle in mine also. It doesn't bother me, and I believe it to be normal for the slider mechanism being used. Some have major wiggle and gaping -- that's a clear case of return.
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    im pretty sure bestbuy is consider a licensed sprint dealer... as far as my wiggle goes, its not major. but when you look at the top of the phone the side where the power button is clearly tighter and no gap but the other side clearly is not uniform. i compared with my brothers and his is obviously built the way it should be with no gapping at all.... and yes i agree if the sprint store wont handle it then i will be "nicely" talking with bestbuy management.

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