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    So the Pre has a PDF viewer, and a WORD/EXCEL viewer.


    So why do I get a "cannot find program to open this file type" error when I click on a link to a DOC, XLS or PDF file on the internet.

    I wish the browser would just download the damn file already! even if I can't open it, it's not the browsers business to tell me which application I can or can't open.. just download the file and then I'll handle it.

    That's just dumb..
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    This will probably be fixed in a future update. Right now the fix is to email the file to yourself and download it to your phone from the email. Also this is the wrong forum for this question, so this will probably be moved.
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    Great tip, thanks, you guys are way more helpful that the Palm costumer service !!!
    I finally was able to open the pdf file by sending it to myself, I just wish I could be able to rotate the image... it would not.

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