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    THe power buton on my pre still works but it has stopped making a click or feeling like a click when i press it. Any fixes?
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    Hmmm, mine has never clicked. Didn't realize I was missing anything.
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    Oh, well it kind of feels like there is dust or something under there. I dunno
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    yea, mine has gotten much stiffer than when I had picked it up on day one, but it still works. Not a big deal. It's a button, it gets lots of use, so it's going to get "funky" quicker. As long as it works, forget about it. Plus, it also probably gets "squished" a lot in your pocket/holster etc.

    On another note, my Pre is one of the ones that has developed the large "gap" and the "oreo cookie" wobble as best described in another thread. It may be something to do with that.
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    My power button no longer has a click either, but it works the same.
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    Yup same here.. mine is weird, but it still works.
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    Never had that problem.

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