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Ive ran into a number of Tweets from iPhone fanboys that dog the Pre any chance they get, even though they have NEVER actually owned or EVEN used one.

Bottom line is, the Pre is the first REAL competition to the iPhone & they're scared sh**less.
I don't see why they should be scared of competition. That forces the companies involved to create better products, which is good for their customers. If it weren't for Palm's product announcement at the beginning of the year, would Apple have bothered bumping up the CPU (IIRC, they're the same chip)?

This whole "there can only be one!" nonsense is a joke. There's no reason why multiple different smartphone vendors cannot have healthy sales catering to the different needs of customers. Whether a phone is better or worse than the other depends on a lot how the customer is going to use it, so IMHO, the tech reviewers need to put the fanboy-ism aside and focus on the capabilities of the devices.

For me, the reasons to get a Pre were:

  • The iPhone is out of question for me primarily because where my relatives live, there is ZERO GSM reception. At least I can roam on Verizon's network with the Pre.

  • I'd also like to tinker with the phone and develop my own programs. I don't want to buy a new Apple or deal with their developer program. Since the Pre is based on Debian Linux, I should be able to get an ARM tool chain for one of my Linux machines for binary apps or use a just text editor for the Mojo apps.

  • I have a few paid PalmOS applications that I'd like to keep using.

  • Sprint's plans are cheaper that the ones that AT&T offers. I found out last week that my employer gets a discount from Sprint, so that made service even less expensive.

  • I lost a couple different TV networks after the HD switch, but I can still watch them if I want to with Sprint TV.

  • I don't use iTunes to manage my collection of music. Popping a CD into a drive and running a perl script to control the ripping process is fine for me.

So for me, it doesn't matter how many iPhones were sold last weekend or any other metric that the fanboys want to bring up. It would still be more expensive for me to own and will be an expensive paperweight for the times that I would really need to use it.