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    Am I the only one who doesn't want Palm to release their dev system early? I say to palm take your time and do it right. I don't want to see a rushed dev environment with fundamental flaws that could permanently ruin such an elegant architecture.

    And I don't want new features added to upgrades so fast. Palm first needs to spend time to fix the subtle bugs, speed, power management and stability before moving onto things such as onscreen keyboard or video camera. Start with the memory leaks!

    It's amazing how so much is expected so fast. Do people realize this whole system was built in - what - less than 2 years. That is amazing.

    I really hope palm listens with one ear closed. They need to do things fast, but more importantly, they need to do it right!
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    No, actually webOS has been the project of over 10 years of development...
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    No, I consider webOS starting when Rubenstein took over... There are like 250 new employees there now.. it's a different company..
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    Actually they need to listen well.
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    I agree and dissagree... Listening with ''one ear'' can cause to not hear the important things. Ya its more benefitial to iron out stuff, but there's heavy competition right and if palm doesn't act soon then we might not have any webos at all in the near future. Not everyone has the same train of thought as you... Look how fast the hacking community is working, they want to develop now, and there's a lot of potential programmers who don't really have any patience and will move on.
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    That's very true. Palm needs to sort a zillion things before pushing new features. Think about it... more features in short time = more problems = more complains. Thats bad. You know the story about the race between the turtle and the rabbit right? Palm should be the turtle and make constant progress.
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    I disagree that they have to rush in order to stay competitive and agree with the OP. If we get updates that show that Palm is fixing out the kinks of the OS, I think that is WAY better than getting new content constantly. As it is a symbol that 1) Palm is sticking with this OS hardcore and believes it to be truly revolutionary(which I believe) and will continue to support it 2) It gives confidence to developers that the apps they can build for it can be stable enough and they will have better usage of the released SDK since that as well will have the kinks out.

    Rushing is never good. If they rush a product to stay competitive with phones like the iPhone, the only thing that can really lead to is people leaving Palm/Sprint -> iPhone, because they will see countless bugs with their phones and want something more stable. I believe in the coming months WebOS will simply continue to become more stable and yes end of Summer SDK will be released and we will start getting tons and tons of apps from then on.

    But again 100% agree that they should work out the bugs before funneling in the new features updates. Who wants a feature if there is only a 30% chance it works right. I know I don't. I do know that I like everyone else want new features. Onscreen keyboard, Visual Voicemail, video recording, updates to the media player, etc, etc. But again Fix the bugs then add the content.
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    I'm just surprised so many people have a hard on for Apps...

    I still find most apps gimmicky (this is across Blackberrys/iPhones/Andriod).

    The ones I currently use on my blackberry are Pandora, Facebook, Sit or Squat(sometimes) and Bolt.

    I mean if there is a specific app some one wants thats one thing...but people here want Apps badly for some reason.

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    The kinds i think are gimmicky are ones like facebook, amazon, etc that i can simply use the browser for.

    Ones i think have value are ones that give new functionality. Kindle is a good example. Casual games. Office editing. CallRec (old palm app). Any app that is more advanced than native ones. Slingplayer.
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    Reliability is the most important app...

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