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    Voice/Call Recorder
    Call Block
    Fake Call
    Video Recording
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    Voice Dialing! I use to rely on voice dialing (through BT headset) while driving. Now its just dangerous to dial on the Pre while driving.

    My old phone also had a driving mode where it would speak the callers name so I didnt have to look at the screen to see who's calling I really miss that too
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    Quote Originally Posted by balistic2 View Post
    Coming from a Dumb phone on sprint (the samsung M610). I really miss the ability that all of my old dumb phones had. When some one calls you from a number that you did not have in your phone book, the phone would tell you where the area code was calling from... so if 918-555-5555 was calling me it would say "Oklahoma" instead of unknown caller. I just miss it.
    Same here my Sumsung A-900 would also display the "State" the caller was calling from.

    Any apps in process for this???
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    i can't say enough how much i miss visual voicemail... that was my favorite feature on the instinct. visual voicemail should be standard on every phone!
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    Hot Synch w/ PC- easier to read when at PC; much easier to type in info; always had a backup of data
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    - Notification light on A900 was my absolute favorite
    ..could see from across the room if I missed anything. LOVE the idea of slowly flashing the gesture area lights for this purpose. Homebrew app anyone?

    - Setting different notification tones (and volume!) for SMS, VM, Picture mail, email, etc
    ..that one seems so basic, hope someone can add that functionality. My Notification app is close but lacks this specific ability.

    - Ability to Fwd SMS messages or send Recent or Preset text messages

    - Blue tooth file transfer

    - End button, for when I'm in another app during a call

    - Camera button
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    i miss different notification tones, visual voice mail, fwd texts, and time stamps.
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    I miss D-pad for true 1 handed use; notification light; forwarding text messages; voice dial; and slingplayer, butler apps. I've had my Pre since Day 1. I love my Pre and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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    Being able to send out invites for meetings from the calendar - pretty basic - I'm hoping it's on Palm's near-term road map...
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    nothing, i had a WM device, so total upgrade for me
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    I miss sending and receiving audio files in MMS. We can only send and receive Pictures in MMS. Anyone have any ideas?
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    I have had the Tilt about 4-5 weeks but...

    As of today I just about miss everything..
    As I loved my Tilt

    I know most of this will change in a month or to or 6 etc..

    From 8925 Tilt
    No limit on apps (that I was aware of) and I had a lot of apps.
    3rd party gps maps & applications
    Call filter
    microsd slot
    a lot more apps (too mny to list)

    But I will be by Palm's side waiting for it to get better.

    I do love the swipe, multiple apps open touchstone etc on the Pre..
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    Sync with Outlook
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    Visual Voice Mail
    voice recorder
    video recording
    customizable QUICK TEXT & emoticon box in sms
    Handmark Pocket Express
    button for drop down menus
    customizable QUICK TEXT(really miss this & don't know why it was left out, so useful)
    true copy & paste
    SD slot
    text forwarding
    battery life
    Complete Outlook sync
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    Not much, and the strengths of the Pre make up for it. Just (pandora is fine though) geocaching (hopefully soon!) and facebook chat (please integrate with Synergy), that's about it. I switched from an iPhone.
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    I don't know if anyone else said this already (too lazy to check), but my other phone was old as hell and the only interesting thing it had above other phones waaasss...


    Type in any phone number and it would post the city that it resides in right beneath it (no lag time either). In fact, for example, if you were to type 212-555-5555, it would still tell you that the number belongs to New York City even though 555-5555 obviously isn't a real phone number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrenalinestyle View Post

    Yes! My A900 did this and it was a great feature. I'd actually use it a lot to help other people out.. they'd get a random call and say "where is 956 from?" I'd whip out my A900 and say.. "Texas!"
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    1) Live Search
    2) Video Recording
    3) keyboard on touch screen
    4) Voice dialing
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    Video camera
    Voice memo
    Message/low battery light
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