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    Quote Originally Posted by gbm85 View Post
    It had this feature where it didn't blow donkey cocks.
    nope. I'm not gonna stoop. But my remark was funny.
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    First post.

    Just picked up my Pre yesterday. The only thing I miss from my crappy Moto Q running WM 5 is that I can't click on a phone number in email anymore (unless I just haven't figured it out yet).

    Fabulous phone otherwise. And this website rocks.
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    cut/paste and forwarding text messages
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    What I miss about my old windows mobile device is web downloading capabilities as well as a file manager to freely store and organize my files

    I could download my ringtones, mp3's, videos, apps, movies, pics, docs, pdf's, etc without needing a pc
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    The only thing I miss from my Windows Mobile phones is their longevity: I used them so seldom that they were bound to last longer than my well-used Pre.
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    I miss:

    - Being able to search my Calendar
    - Voice dial
    - Video Recording
    - Mileage program
    - Bible program (other than KJV)

    But I love my Pre. I'm just hoping that they can get these few things fixed!
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    Complete control over all sounds
    Id like some kind of indicator light
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    what do i miss most?

    my swivel screen, and being able to flick it open and watch it 'kick'
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    like many before me, I find myself missing the LED indicator on my BB.

    Hopefully someone will find a way to make use of our lighted button to notify us in a similar fashion.
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    From Palm 750WX
    Most - Direct backup and sync with computer

    Others - extra memory slot, file search, Flash player
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    I miss a sturdy and solid handset--feels like the Pre will break easily. These mobile devices get knocked around a lot, no matter how careful you are.
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    I miss html file saving or a transfer to the pre
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    blackberry messenger and search function in email. A dedicated camera button would be good too.
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    1. notification light, i hate opening my pre every time i come back from something as small as walking downstairs and going back up

    2. Calender acting as an alarm. I put business meetings in my old phone and it would go off for about 20 seconds and until i checked it, and would repeat. Setting your alarm every time sucks and you have to wait until that day to set it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dj ozone View Post
    coming from curve:
    battery life
    copy/paste from everywhere
    fowarding txt
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    I know this will be available soon enough.. but I miss Shazam
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    visual voice mail
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    Calendar Search
    Real Copy Paste
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    Been seeing tethering mentioned a lot. You do realize there's a tethering app for the Pre? Pretty simple to use. You may as well learn how if you're hesitant because its the only way you'll get it. Sprint/Palm won't be coming out with it and won't be approving any such apps.
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    Slingplayer mobile

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