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    I miss having to hit 7 four times for "S".
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    Quote Originally Posted by allthewayhome View Post
    oh! Being able to hit "publish to facebook" from any photo. This one was great. .

    You can do that on the pre.

    select the photo, hit the button in the top left, select upload, select your facebook account.
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    For me:
    - Flashing LED for notifications
    - 5 way navigation

    those are the big ones for me.
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    1) OBEX BT File transfer
    2) File Explorer
    3) On-screen Keyboard
    4) Use of my BT Stereo Headset
    5) Apps
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    - blackberry messenger
    - video recording
    - Flashing Notifications
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    Primarily, battery life. And although it wasn't necessarily a phone feature, but an wife and I really miss Key Caps and Text Twist. about a minor complaint.
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    I was at the supermarket and my father asked what song is that.
    I grabbed the PrPrPr $ready$ $to$ $start$ $MusicID$ $and$...

    TV-Out, not so much, and USB tethering, quite handy, are gonna be missed.
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    -Visual Voice Mail (only get like 3 missed calls a week if that so no biggie)
    -how Handmark orginized the news app, very convient
    -FWD OF TEXT is the biggie
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    - Voice Dialing
    - Voice Dialing over bluetooth

    This is a phone first so I am a little surprised at some of the missing phone features. Multitasking is great, but not if I have to break the law to dial a phone number in my car.
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    My Treo had a great FIND function that I used to search Calendar and Memos. I miss that terribly. (Tried Classic, but it's quirky and I don't know if there's a way to backup or sync Classic data.)

    My Treo had a much more user friendly Google map application, as mentioned in another post above. True, you had to tell the ap where you were, but sometimes I would be searching for somewhere I am NOT. That was easier on the Treo too.

    My Treo's battery life was about 2 or 3 times better than the Pre.

    Thinking about returning the Pre next week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pavvento View Post
    What is the one biggest feature your old phone had that the Pre doesn't?
    It had this feature where it didn't blow donkey cocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by senorfrog97 View Post
    I miss my handmark express app from my 755p
    Run it under Classic.
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    coming from curve:
    battery life
    copy/paste from everywhere
    fowarding txt
    making music playlists on the device
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    I miss the LED indicator and the ability to sync contacts. Oh, and the "today" screen which was actually a 3rd party app called "2day" that I really hope will be developed for the Pre.
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    Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700P -> Treo 800W -> Launch Day Pre (RIP 08/13/10) -> Replacement PRE
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    looking cool with my stylus
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    From WM:
    - Making all text selectable to copy.
    - Right-click for advanced options, (Pre barely has any options, like the iPhone.)
    - Different snoozes for alarms/alerts.
    no 'Thanks'
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    Visual voicemail & spellcheck
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    Coming from the Palm 700p and then the Palm Centro...i got used to having "call record" and "IM+". I used those two apps more than almost any other. I do miss how easy it was to use the stylus on the Centro to cut and paste...I have figured out how to do that on the Pre but it is a bit cumbersome in comparison.

    with the 700p and Centro I could cut or copy almost any text displayed on the screen, that was handy when needing to copy some information from a text message then paste it into my contacts... maybe they can work on making the cut and paste option a bit more user friendly.

    I stopped by sprint today and spoke with one of the Palm Pre "ambassadors", she seemed to be pretty keen on taking notes about what my frustrations were with the Pre. I hope Palm is taking an active role in reviewing Pre owners input.
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    USB tethering
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