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    A thought occurred to me about Pre heating.

    It seems that the unit gets hot when it is processing heavily. I notice it when receiving large groups of emails with pictures attached, while syncing large address books, etc.

    It seems that the CPU has variable clock speed capability. Remember how many people thought their batteries were getting better over time?

    This could all be expained if the processor cranks up its clock to respond to heavy processor load.

    What do you think?

    This means we need a CPU load meter. Preferably to the left of the WiFi indicator on the upper status line.
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    Can't this be remedied via an update by optimizing the code of the cpu?
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    You need the CPU to max out for heavy loads.

    Otherwise you have a slow Pre.
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    Ahh Gotcha! Not to get off topic but I had a post about heat causing blotches. Do you know if there is an update that can remedy the blotches?
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    I believe heat is caused more by the power required to transmit and receive data over the cellular network, than the CPU itself. It could be both by the transmitter circuitry, and the battery itself getting hot due to the current drain.

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