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    Ahhh mann, I just picked this thing up 3 days ago and I am in full honeymoon mode - loving this phone! Unfortunately my overly critical eye caught a few dead pixels (2).

    I'm almost willing to live with it but I can't.

    How does this exchange thing work if they don't have any in stock? Do I wait with or w/o my phone?


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    Its easy, if they dont have any in stock asked to be put on a waiting list, I had my account flagged for replacement so even after my 30 days are up I can still get it replaced, I talked to the sprint rep and they told me they would make an acceptation to the 30 day rule

    Although I also have stores near me that have several in stock with no waiting list as well hehe
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    algee I am on my third and most likely they will put you on a waiting list and still let you hang on to your pre you have now until they receive yours. They will ask if you want it shipped to your house or the store.
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    Well, it sounds like I get to keep it until I get my new one.

    Thanks guys!
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    Did those of you who exchanged already send your rebate in? I am thinking I will need to replace my Pre because the screen piece is twisting like an Oreo which is NOT normal I don't think, lol. I just wondered if I'm SOL since I already sent in my rebate? I'm really hoping that's not the case...
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    My first one had the discoloration in the corners problem, so I exchanged it. The replacement has a dead pixel, so the store is ordering me another one. At some point, I'll end up with one with a good screen, at which point I'll send in the rebate form so the serial number is right.
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    I already got mine's replace, they sort of gave me a hard time by asking me to go back home and bring in my lap top to show that the phone was not syncing with itunes (since they did not have itunes installed on their machines) anyways, discovered one dead pixel (can only notice it when an almost black background is displayed, otherwise the color will drown the dead pixel and you cannot see it) besides the dead pixel the two halves of the phone make a clicking noise and there is a larger than usual gap between them (I know this by comparing mine to my wife's pre, which thanks god has worked out perfectly) So I will be going back to get my third phone, I am holding on to the rebates until I'm sure I get a keeper.

    P.S. My stores told me they have a stock just for replacements, otherwise is a list for those buying one for the first time.
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    Yea I'm in for my third one as well, because of syuck pixels... I'm just not gonna leave the store until I get a perfect one essentially xP be persistent!
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    Sounds like these issues are common. Say, when you took yours in, did you take everything or just the phone? Should I take the box and all just in case? Just wondering what I needed so I didn't need to make 9 trips...
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    I got mine at Radio Shack and now the top left of the slider has a slight gap vs the right side. Can I exchange it at Sprint or do I need to go back to Radio Shack?
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