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    Quote Originally Posted by DallasGeek83 View Post
    The embedded video would often offer a link that would open up the YouTube app to play the video. I agree that this would be a nice feature in WebOS (or just flash)!
    Yes that is a weakness that should be be corrected.
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    let's not forget former Apple engineers designed the Pre and brought it from idea to reality. That said, I think these former Apple employees did a great job with the Pre all the way down to the packaging details. Let's give it some room to grow. After all this is the 3rd iPhone and it is getting some features that the FIRST Pre already has. That's gotta say something great about the direction Palm is going.
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    One thing I really like on the iPhone/iPod Touch is how smoother the scrolling is -and that's not just on any particular program.

    Side by side, Google Maps, the browser and any other program, while scrolling, really showed how the iPhone is much more fluid.

    Hopefully this can be fixed with OTA updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcorleto View Post
    I have never been more embarrased with cell phone use than when I was using my iPhone, with all the dropped calls. I'd try to excuse them by saying 'but I have an iPhone'. Just not worth it - in retrospect, I wish I had just bought an iTouch, cause the device is truly a work of art, but the carrier cheapens it for me. But now with the Pre, I'm trying to be patient about all those apps I've bought being ported over. In the meantime, here's some more thoughts -
    1. I can text/write and email while not having service (in the subway), and they send as soon as I get service again (with iPhone I would just get an error or nothing would send)
    2. I want streaming radio, more than what Pandora does -
    3. I love being able to send a picture via MMS like everyone else except for iPhone users.
    4. Copy/Paste needs to allow copy of static text from a web page PLEASE!
    5. Please make the music player do the same with the answer button as the iPhone - 1 press = pause, 2 presses =forward, 3 presses = backward.
    6. Fix the stereo bluetooth quick - I can't find any headset that works unless they are less than 15" away from the device.
    I haven't had a problem with my strereo bluetooth headset and I just picked up the cheapest thing I could find at my local Frys Electronics. and it works great! It's light weight, it's works great. I can step completely outside of the room with the phone at least 50 ft away and still hear it load and clear through walls and more.
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    Disclamer: I am an iPhone user and developer with 1 app already on the AppStore, and I qualify for the "Stupid iPhone fanboy" badge here.

    I am not in US primarily and I am using Russian keyboard half of the time. Also, I need a GSM phone. Added to the disclaimer above, the Pre is not an option for me. But it still puts some different spin on the hardware keyboard: neither Russian or QUERTY is OK for me, I need both. I need a really good software keyboard and the iPhone delivers. [As an end user and as a developer] I also like the fact that iPhone's keyboard is context sensitive, something the physical keyboard can never do. Of course, this is a personal preference/requirement. I just want to bring the point that many features are a tradeoff and there is no single "do it all" solution. For many people the provider alone is a big enough issue so any device comparison does not make sense.

    I understand that you all have reasons to like the Pre and I am OK with this. Just don't pretend that your small world is The Universe. Also, [in most cases, some exceptions notwithstanding] there is no point to compare the current Pre with iPhone OS 1.0. Palm can not make all the features you want instantly. As a matter of fact, I think that Apple is capable of much faster development of the OS/software than Palm is, so a good implementation of a new idea may take longer on WebOS than on the iPhone OS. Pre has some nice new features out of the box, but as far as those missing features are concerned, being with Pre now means being 3 years behind. In theory, Palm may catch up, but it will take years, not months.

    FYI, I will quote a post from MacRumors forum, feel free to discuss!

    Ken Weaver @ Jun 17th 2009 6:17PM
    I'm having trouble figuring out which phone to buy PALM PRE or IPHONE 3GS? Can anyone help me out here? As far as I can tell, it looks like this:

    No multitasking
    No Physical keyboard
    No LED flash

    8 GB memory limit
    No true apps - only webapps (so weak)
    No voice and data at the same time (because of Sprint CDMA network)
    No voice dialing (WTF)
    No video recording (WTF?)
    No voice memos (WTF)
    No movie rentals (over the air or otherwise)
    No visual Voicemail
    No TV show rentals
    No audiobook purchasing
    No true app store (18 is a joke)
    No console-quality games (like Resident Evil, Metal Gear, 1000's of others for iPhone)
    No Peer to Peer games
    No VoiceOver (the iPhone can read any screen to you, just like a Mac)
    No native in-car integration (iPhone has this with dozens of cars)
    No podcasts
    Crippled copy/paste (for example - you can't cut or copy a webpage or any part of it)
    No universal search (crippled - no e-mail search)
    Tiny keyboard (iPhone landscape and portrait keyboards are bigger than Pre's real keyboard)
    No auto wi-fi login (just jumps on any open network and remembers them all)
    No 7.2 Mbps network speed
    No Remote Wipe
    No Find My Phone feature
    Can't function as a Remote for the household stereo (Great for parties, especially with the iTunes DJ feature where people can request songs)
    Weak battery life
    More expensive than iPhone
    Very scratchable screen
    No oleophobic protective screen
    No real music store (Apple can break the compatibility at any time and I don't want to take that chance)
    No Voice Commands (control music playing by saying "Depeche Mode" for example)
    No Compass
    No multiple and customizable home screens like iPhone (Pre only has one screen)
    No Parental Controls
    No Video Editing
    No onboard Ringtone Creation
    No 5 person conference calls
    No Webclips
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    One of the few reviews which takes time to note great aspects about both phones...the iphone was great i had about a month after launch at a staggering $437 i proceeded to tmobile as att cannot be described as anything other than satans announcements of iphone 3gs rolled in i felt ready to upgrade, only catch switching to att at $100 a month i could not bring myself to do it...then came the palm pre, i will honestly say i did not believe that any phone could measure up to the iphones UI and web browsing oh how wrong i was after watching a plethora of video reviews and articles i passed on the iphone 3gs and became the proud owner of a shiny new pre...happy as hell to say the least and like with the original iphone i cannot wait to see how this work of art develops and comes to the fore front of smartphone omnipotence
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    Awesome post, dude. I owned the 1st and 2nd gen iPhone's and would never go back either. It truly is more than just Palm and the Pre - it's also Sprint, the features, the speed, and the pricing! Hello!
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    Oringal OP or previous Iphone users... was the screen size being smaller something you had to get used to? I'm just thinking cruising around through the internet has to be easier on the Iphone. My contract is up with Sprint on July 1st and it's Simply everything plan and running multiple programs vs. bigger screen and many app's I would like to use now and I'm assuming better hardware in the iphone 3gs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tri0xinn View Post
    Oringal OP or previous Iphone users... was the screen size being smaller something you had to get used to? I'm just thinking cruising around through the internet has to be easier on the Iphone. My contract is up with Sprint on July 1st and it's Simply everything plan and running multiple programs vs. bigger screen and many app's I would like to use now and I'm assuming better hardware in the iphone 3gs.
    Well i'll be honest the screen is smaller no way around that. That being said I can still do plenty of stuff that I couldn't on my Iphone. I have to say Palm/Sprint have been more spot on with this launch then i expected. Now would I have liked a larger Pre? Yes, but that was a design choice. This does more then I could do normally on the Iphone sans the multitude of apps. I look forward to the innovation that will be seen in the App catalog in a few months. That and the refinements coming down the pike .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shizelbs View Post
    Thanks for the review. I think I am going to print out copies and keep them on me, hand them out when idiots ask me why I didn't buy an iPhone.
    Now there is a nice thought!
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