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    My first one had the blotches.... black box Pre. it also had a wobbly screen. I am on my second one now, and so far so good, it has no issues as of yet.
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    Yeah its a nasty fix but if you REALLY hated the blotches you could keep the phone until they released a "fix" if it wasn't a recall you would have to call the insurance company and pay the 100 bucks for the new fixed phone. Or maybe get around it though he manufacturing warranty after the 30 days for free.

    I agree with you dig about AT&T, BLEGH!

    I was told the phone comes with a 1 year manu warranty, if it does, then you can get ALOT replaced in the 1 year. I had my Blackberry replaced through it due to failure, and the beauty is, once its replaced, the warranty resets.

    Verizon wanted me to go through insurance and I told them no its a defect, and they replaced it 10 months after the 30 days, sprint is probably way diff though
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