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    There are a few pics in my phone that I do not want to show up as a thumb on the main photo page. I have changed the name (thinking it's alphabetical), checked the size and type of file and cannot figure this out. Seems like there is no rhyme or reason.

    Is it just totally random?
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    I guess you cant keep "preferred" photos on the pre haha
    Or just don't share photos until youve brought them up.
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    I wish there was an easier way to delete pics without using usb mode on my computer. Its annoying to delete them one by one.
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    Photos are sorted chronologically, newest first
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlaqkAudio View Post
    Photos are sorted chronologically, newest first
    Based on what date....when the photo was taken or when it was loaded into the phone?
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    I have the same issue. My guess is we'll have to wait until the SDK is released so that Resco (or anyone else for that matter) can make a 3rd party photo manager.

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