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    Ive had a problem with dropped calls when switching to and from EvDo. Obviously the phone does this automatically when 3g is available and it isn't but every time it does during a call I get dropped, even though I have 2 or 3 bars or signal still, the call abruptly ends.

    Does anyone have this issue?
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    i ended up taking my back for that exact same reason plus others.

    it would flip between 3g and 1x when im in the middle of a major city. sometimes i would not be connected to either with 5 bars.

    i lost my gps feature

    i even have the airwave in my home and i would lose calls

    i got one of the first batches, i should have known there would be problems.

    i read where there putting a different chip in, duo core in a month or more. i think ill wait till then.
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    So is this covered under warranty?
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    Well, two things:

    Voice calls always go over 1x, it must be something else, maybe a coverage blind spot. Or a problem with the phone itself.

    Both 1x and EvDO are 3g technologies, 1x is just slower but it still is considered 3g.
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    right there with you. i get multiple drops per day with that exact problem. where did you hear they were coming out with new chips (duo core) in the phones? If that is the case and we've been having problems with service, do you think they will allow a swap out?
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    if you are on 3g (outside... your car...) and enter an aiirave signal area (walk inside your house) Airrave overpower 3g, there is no handoff, and the signal drops. This is a feature of the Airrave. Airrave does hand off to 3g in the other direction.

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