Hi all,

I've been obsessing over the pass few days after having invested money into the Pre with accessories and learning as much as I can about the new phone.

I knew that I would be basically beta testing this new phone and the new WebOS. I'm OK with that.

What I am not OK with is the inability to make an appointment/event that is linked to a contact.

It doesn't have to do a real link, but just be able to add the name of the contact in the calendar event, just like we were able to on the old Palm software, in my case the Treo 650.

As I've said in a prior post, I make a lot of appointments with doctors and such. It was great that in the Treo 650 you just did a phone lookup and it added the name address and phone number to the event line.

Most users here know what I am talking about.

I've looked at the documentation and it said something about 'meeting participants' in Google Calendar.

I tried to play with it, but the problem with that is that if the contact does not have an email address it will not work at all. And of course, you can't set that up from the Pre, it has to be done from Google's Website. (which I guess you can struggle using the Pre's web browser).

I'm waiting patiently for Kinoma and other media products to come out for the Pre to make it easier to stream live radio. I know some have had some success with certain sites but I haven't with the ones I want.

But I am willing to wait for that, and I know that will come.

However, looking at the way the Calendar is so closely linked with Google, I'm not sure Palm will make the contacts in the event feature work.

So far, I've noticed that Palm has made this phone be closely linked to Apple's stuff and Google's stuff. It looks like it ditched all that was good in the old Palm sofware.

Now back to asking your opinions:

Do you think Palm will get this function to work at some time in the near future.

Do you think there will be a third party software to supplement what is missing in the area that I need.

If these can't happen, even though I am unwilling to return my Pre, should I consider returning it, I still have about 2 weeks left from the 30 day policy, even after spending all that money on accessories.

I can't seem to shake this idea that I have to give up the one feature that I've had for years (even from other products prior to getting a Treo and coming into the Palm world).

I love my Pre, but am I giving up too much in the end.

I hope I can get some positive responses.


PS I did post on Palm's website for a 'feature request' but never heard anything from them.