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    I am looking to replace 3 phones on our Family Plan, since our contract just expired; mine and 2 daughters (22 and 16). They are not too careful with their phones, one had hers in her pocket when she was thrown in the hot tub, and another time she left it on a trailer when helping a friend move. My other daughter had her ipod stolen when she left in on a table at a wedding in the park. I really can't afford to replace a Pre when we can (finally) afford to get them. So I need to know the best way to insure them. Sprint with a monthly fee and deductible, or Radio Shack or Best Buy?

    I'd appreciate your opinions and insight!

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    definitely sprint. especially since its an exchange only phone so provided you don't water or physical damage it they'll exchange it if they cant fix it with no deductible and if you loose it $100 later and you have another one..BB or radio shack your out of luck
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    bby's is 10 bucks a month with no deductable and a replacement phone while waiting for new one. Does not cover lost or stolen though. I went with best buys because of the no deductable.
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    I am very careful with my phone. My last phone I dropped once in two and a half years.

    That being said I broke my Pre in one week!

    I went through the Sprint insurance. It only took two day and I got to keep alll the extras that came with the pre!

    Yeah my deductible was $100 but I got a $40 battery and a $20 charger. Plus a new slip case and headphones!.

    I feel that $100 for a stress free replacement experience is well worth it, and they even cover water damage.
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    Blue Cross Blue Shield & Nationwide sorry if I sound rude but I couldn't help myself
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    Haa, Haa, Sean, that's funny!!

    I'm really worried that they will lose a phone or it will get stolen. One of them said you have to provide a police report, or it's not covered if you set it down (like in a club), and it's gone when you come back. I'm afraid that might be a possibility with such an expensive phone.
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    I insured through Square Trade, but it does not help with lost or stolen phones. You must still have a phone in your possession to file a claim.

    2 years = $96
    Deductible = $50
    Maximum claim = $399
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    Sprint definitely!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cooneyca View Post
    I insured through Square Trade, but it does not help with lost or stolen phones. You must still have a phone in your possession to file a claim.

    2 years = $96
    Deductible = $50
    Maximum claim = $399
    I hope you used the 30% off coupon (THIRTY30).

    SquareTrade 2 yrs + Accidental Damage Coverage

    $550 (cost of phone replacement) + $50 (Deductible) + $67 (cost of warranty) - $399 (what ST covers you up to) = $268 Maximum OOP

    Sprint TEP

    $100 (deductible) + 24 months * $7 per month = $268 Maximum OOP

    Overall, Sprint TEP is better since they cover lost/stolen phones. It is definitely better if you have to file a claim earlier in the policy. The fact you can spread out the payment instead of paying one lump sum is also a bonus. One negative is the fact you receive a refurb from Asurion, assuming SquareTrade pays you instead of having it repaired.
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    I have had the Sprint insurance for a long time and it covers EVERYTHING!!! I washed my phone once and had a replacement the next day. If there is something not functioning correctly just take it to a Sprint service center and they will exchange it or order a replacement that usually arrives the next day. Sprint service centers will also give loaners out while you are waiting on the new one to come in. You never know how long it will take with BB or Radioshack. By the way my wife worked for a service center a little over a year ago. Hope this helps.
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    I dumped my Square Trade insurance for poor ROI -- $7 per month is a great deal.
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    One thing to keep in mind is when I worked at Staples and we sold plans to protect Sprint phones the plans only covered one replacement. Once the replacement claim was processed your plan was done. So if you pay $100 up front and you break your phone and get a replacment in thrity days you are going to have to spend another $100 to cover the phone for the next two years for example. Not sure if that's how BBY or RS plans work but it is soemthing to keep in mind. I just paid for Sprint's warranty service when I worked at Staples and I will continue to do so going forward.
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    Sprint may have covered and may cover water damage, but their policy explicitly excludes water damage so I wouldn't count on it covering it:

    "The Sprint Equipment Service & Repair Program does not cover damage beyond repair, liquid damage, cosmetic damage, or damage resulting from customer misuse or abuse"
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    There are two different services that come with the $7 a month. One is ESRP which is in-store repair, which covers cracked screens, loss of service, manufacture defects, etc...the other is TEP which covers everything from water damage to physical damage(ex if you run over your phone in a puddle it is COVERED), lost or stolen. So YES, water damage is covered with the $100 deductible. In store service has no fee with the plan, without the plan it is $35 - $55 depending on the repair.

    I have run into an issue where customer would lie and say their phone had no contact with water when it obviously did and they would call the insurance and say "well the repair place said it was water damage", the insurance rejected it. Had the customer call right back in and say they dropped it in the tolet and they replaced it with no problem. So it all depends how you word everything when talking to the insurace guys. But either way it is covered.

    Signed, the wife of Alvin319(Sprint Service and Repair Manager for 2 years)

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