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    I love Pandora. It's even better when you add more artist stations and customize those stations with the thumbs up or thumbs down feature. Its like having my own commercial free radio station. I've been using it so much my Sirius radio is more or less a paper weight now.
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    Part of the fun with Pandora is the process of DISCOVERING new music. If you are a picky music listener like me, it will be quite difficult to like every song that Pandora picks for you. It's not possible. The song might have the same musical qualities, but if the lyrics suck or if you don't like that particular singer's voice, there's no way around this.

    I'll be the first to admit that few of the songs Pandora picks for me are memorable. But every once in awhile, i will stumble onto something amazing from an artist I've never heard of before and this will just motivate me to create another station based on that song or particular artist. This is part of the experience. And, after you use it for awhile and build up a big list of songs to seed from and have weeded out the songs you don't like and reinforced the songs you do like, the listening experience will be quite enjoyable. Just give it a shot.
    Thanks for taking the time to explain it, might have to give it a shot again when I get my new cell phone.
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